Fortnite tips for newbies

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The following article will share some Fortnite tips for newcomers to have a better chance of surviving and achieving a high rank in every mortal match.

Fortnite It was originally an unpopular open-world survival game that focused on building houses similar to Minecraft. However, due to the rise of Battle Royale games like PUBG, developer Epic had to think and decide to launch the Battle Royale game mode for Fortnite. From here, Fortnite just started to gain popularity and participation, now the game has surpassed PUBG in terms of players, viewers and revenue.

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How to play Fortnite for newbies

Fortnite tips for newbies

So what makes Fortnite different from PUBG? If you are new to Fortnite, you need to understand the difference of the game compared to many other Battle Royale games on the market, because this is the decisive factor once you really want to participate in the game. The life and death battles of this game. Let’s come to Fortnite tips for newbies.


What sets Fortnite apart is the build feature, which was originally Fortnite’s signature feature when it first launched. When Epic brought the same building system to the Battle Royale arena, this system changed all the common understandings and strategies that players often applied to previous Battle Royale games like PUBG.

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The fact that you can build a hundred-story high tower to give yourself an advantage in observing and sniping, building a stone wall as a barrier to protect your teammates from enemy bullets, you can even take advantage of yourself. this construction feature to trick the enemy into getting trapped and defeated by your own construction… The problem now is no longer simply taking advantage of a favorable position or flanking the opponent like PUBG because now Now, anyone can create their own advantage. The story no longer revolves around good shooting skills, but also reflexes and quick thinking in building and destroying enemy buildings. It is no longer about hearing the footsteps to judge, but also looking at the architecture to find loopholes.


For new players, because they do not know how to operate each match, every time you enter a match, you will feel overwhelmed because there is so much going on around, leading to not knowing what to do and everything. reflexes all become slow even if you are a person who has very quick reflexes in real life, everyone calls it the “unfamiliar” disease.

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To cure this disease takes time to adapt, any game must give the player a specific adaptation period. So to adapt to the game, what you need to do is limit confrontation from the moment you land. Like any other Battle Royale game, the “loot walk around” strategy is a common strategy for newbies. With Fortnite, avoid crowded areas so you have time to get used to the mechanics, no need to rush to win or lose.


With the construction mechanism, each player will have a pickaxe at the beginning of the game to smash rocks and break walls to collect building materials. The houses in the game can be used to destroy this pickaxe, so the strategy of parachuting when playing Fortnite is not to land in front of a house to run into loot, but to land on the roof, use it. hoe to break the roof to enter the house.

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Because Fortnite’s furniture arrangement mechanism often prioritizes items on high floors, more equipment will appear than lower floors, in addition, the advantage of attacking from above is always better. The opponent on the lower floor will not be able to reach the ceiling above to break, but you on the upper floor can completely surprise by breaking the 2nd floor (1st floor ceiling) to surprise attack from above. This tactic will make the enemy extremely panicked and unable to react.


Memorizing the map, mastering the terrain of each area, remembering the locations with the occurrence of valuable items or treasure chests is very important in any Battle Royale game. New to the game, you choose a specific location and practice jumping only that place until you know the terrain and its design.

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This will give you a lot of advantages later on, from where to jump first, how to move to be able to loot this place as quickly as possible, which positions have an advantage when fighting, Which position is less dominant, should be built to avoid the above things…

5. Take advantage of your height

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In Fortnite you will see every player trying to climb as high as possible to their advantage. High above you can see very wide, enemies on the ground will often not have the optimal hiding place that can cover the muzzles fired straight from the top, buildings or buildings can all be broken.


Detecting enemies first is always an advantage, listen carefully to nearby sounds and constantly look around because those are the only keys that give you a chance to detect enemies before they do. appear you.

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Once the enemy has been detected, rely on the surrounding situation to come up with a reasonable combat solution. Your ears can distinguish very well the sound of moving footsteps, explosions or gunshots, thereby completely making hypotheses about surrounding situations. Feel that there is no other opponent nearby, ambush the one you just discovered, if they find out later, attack directly to create surprise or avoid confrontation if you feel the presence of the enemy around. There are many other enemies, the choice is up to you.


A wooden wall erected can temporarily block bullets for you, take advantage of these structures to create an opportunity to escape if you fall into difficult situations. Build a few more walls to run from the void or build stairs to move up to regain the advantage over the opponent. These buildings can also help you move to prime locations on the map that you cannot climb by normal movement.

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Besides, taking advantage of the 3rd person perspective, standing close to a wall you can observe a lot of things happening behind that wall thanks to the over-the-shoulder perspective while vice versa, the opponent cannot. discovered you.


Always remember that you are playing a survival game and you certainly cannot survive if you are not fully equipped. Guns, armor, first aid items, boosters… Make sure everything is at least sufficient before jumping into a battle.

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In addition to all the equipment mentioned above, Fortnite requires materials to build buildings, so don’t forget to cut down trees and demolish houses to collect building materials that will give you an advantage over your enemies.


Fortnite is a Battle Royale game and the closing death circle is indispensable. Being absorbed in shooting each other, engrossed in looting, engrossed in construction but forgetting to notice the circle is gradually closing like self-harm. All games thru playing Battle Royale tend to get to the board as soon as possible with a sufficient amount of equipment, not too much.

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Always keep track of the time the board is about to close right on the map, notice your current position distance from the board and calculate to move into the board appropriately, you will survive longer than any other player any other.

Above are a few tips for playing Fortnite for newbies, hopefully it will help you when you are new to this game. Wish you have fun playing the game. In addition, now the Fortnite Mobile version has also been released, you can completely play Fortnite Mobile on PC Follow the instructions here.
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