Surpassing PUBG Mobile, Genshin Impact earned $245 million in the first month of its launch

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Genshin Impact is currently a very hot name in the gaming community in many countries today. Launched on many platforms, new products of miHoYo has achieved considerable success, with the mobile platform alone, Genshin Impact grossed $245 million in just the first month of its release. This makes Genshin Impact one of the highest grossing mobile apps in the world.​

A Youtuber does not hesitate to spend 46 million VND to get 5 stars Keqing

Genshin Impact kicked off strongly in the first week with sales of up to 60 million USD and continued to increase after that. Although released for free, the game still makes a lot of money thanks to the advantage of the gacha system, players will recharge to have a higher chance of owning their favorite 5-star character.​

This system does not make players feel uncomfortable because they can play the game normally without 5-star characters, unlocking these characters completely comes from the preferences of gamers. With a revenue of 245 million USD in the first month, Genshin Impact has surpassed many big games such as PUBG Mobile or King of Glory (Arena of Valor).


Despite the current success, some gamers are starting to complain about the limitations of Genshin Impact. Many players think that the game is quite lacking in content, they have gone most of the plot and feel that they have nothing left to do. Others are annoyed with the Original Resin, which is too expensive and also difficult to obtain in the game. If these issues are not resolved in the near future, it is very likely that Genshin Impact will not maintain its current aura.​

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