How to change wifi password AD7200

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The AD7200 modem is one of TP LINK’s newest products. With its top features, owning the AD7200 is the dream of most Internet users. If you have purchased AD7200, please refer to how to change AD7200 wifi password to familiarize yourself with this modem.

No need to use a computer, just need a Smartphone and change the wifi password by phone, you can also change the wifi password AD7200. Of course, to change wifi password by phone with AD7200 you still have to rely on the instructions below. Because the interface to change wifi password by phone is similar to a computer, the only difference is that the smartphone screen is small, so the operation is not as fast. For now, watch the tutorial change wifi password AD7200 to remove devices that are using your home wifi “temple”.

how to connect to wifi ad7200

Instructions to change wifi password AD7200, set wifi password TP Link AD7200

How to change wifi password AD7200:

Step 1: Access the AD7200 wifi configuration by entering the address: into the URL bar of a web browser such as Google Chrome, Firefox.

Then you need to enter Account and password to access wifi AD7200. The default account and password are:

User: admin
Password: admin

Select Login to login proceed to change wifi password AD7200.

In the AD7200 WiFi interface, from the card Basic click Wireless. This is the section to edit the WiFi settings.

how to connect wifi connection ad7200 2

Step 2: You will see 3 lines Password of the frequency range 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz-1 and 5Ghz-2. Modem band selection is only available on high-end wifi lines, especially in AD7200 with up to 3 antenna bands.

Remove old password and set A new password for these 3 frequency bands, select the frequency band and press Save.

how to connect wifi connection ad7200 3

Step 3: In the AD7200 modem interface, notice the button Reboot. Click on it to proceed with restarting the AD7200 wifi modem.

how to connect wifi connection ad7200 4

Select Yes to proceed with reboot.

how to connect wifi connection ad7200 5

Please wait about 2 minutes for the AD7200 modem to restart.

how to connect wifi connection ad7200 6

So the installation of the AD7200 wifi pass is done, you just need to wait and reconnect the WiFi on your devices with the new password only.
With some popular modem lines provided by Viettel network, the way to change Viettel wifi password is different. If you encounter these types of modems, you need to follow the way to change the Viettel wifi password to change the password. The TP Link modem lines that Viettel provides are mostly popular modems, priced at only 1/20 to 1/30 of the super product AD7200.

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