First major PS5 feature update

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update features ps5 hard drive

Sony Interactive Entertainment has just released a major PS5 feature update, bringing many benefits to PS5 users. The most anticipated on this occasion is probably the ability to store games on an external hard drive.

Newly updated PS5 features

Manage and expand PlayStation 5 storage

  • Store PlayStation 5 games on USB-connected hard drives – With this PS5 feature, you can transfer your PS5 games to an external hard drive via the USB port. This is a great way to expand the memory of the PlayStation 5. You can also reverse-copy games from an external hard drive to the internals to play when needed. It’s faster than reinstalling the game from an external hard drive, from a disc, or re-downloading it from the PS Store.

upgrade hard drive ps5

  • Because PS5 games need super-fast SSD speeds to play, PS5 games won’t be able to play directly from an external hard drive, nor download directly from the PS Store to an external hard drive.

PlayStation 5 will support M.2 standard external hard drives in the future.

New social networking features for both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5

  • Cross-Generation Share Play – PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 users can now Share Play together in group chats. This means PS5 players can show their PS4 friends what they’re playing, and even try out PS5 games through Share Play, and vice versa.

share play ps5

  • Request to join the game – Some segments of friends’ games that allow other players to join will now appear on PS4, PS5 screens. Thereby opening up more opportunities to play together. The “Request to Join” option also serves as a shortcut to send invitations to join the game. You can adjust who can join you through the Privacy Settings menu.

Improved controls and personalization options for PlayStation 5 Consoles

  • Improved Game Base – The Game Base menu has been reworked for faster access to important content and features. You can easily switch between Parties and Friends to chat. Besides, you can also turn off notifications for each party you join.

game base playstation 5

  • Disable Game Chat or increase Player volume – You can quickly mute the in-game chat sound, locking both your mic and the voices of other gamers. You can also easily adjust the volume for each person.
  • Game Update Pre-download – When game developers integrate, updates for the game will be downloaded first if the “automatic updates” option is enabled and the PS5 is on (or in rest mode). It saves you time, no need to check for game updates manually like before.
  • Customize game library – The ability to search in the game library or hide games will make it easier for you to organize the games you want.
  • Screen Zoom – This PS5 feature can increase the screen magnification that suits you in the Settings menu.

trophy ps5 menu

  • New Trophy Setting and Stats Screen – You can choose to only take and save images when you reach a higher level trophy, like Gold or Platinum. New Trophy Stats screen has also been added, faster level checking and trophy stats.

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