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1. Pretend to be on duty


The first step to becoming Impostor S-level is pretending to do missions. Only Crewmate can complete the quest, so pretending to do the quest when other players are nearby can give you an alibi. To fake a quest, stand still at the mission location and wait a bit. Try to leave as soon as the taskbar in the upper left corner fills up, to prove that you really did. Note that many players will be on missions early in the game, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to “act” perfectly.

However, be careful not to “finish” your task too soon. While most tasks don’t take more than a few seconds to complete, there are still some that take longer. An experienced Crewmate will be suspicious if you pretend to do a two-second long quest. Therefore, it will be essential to learn which tasks are long and which are short. Finally, you should stay away from the quests shown, as you can’t fake them.

2. Crewmates who have proven their innocence should be “removed” too


Can’t fake quests visual tasks which means that when a Crewmate completes these tasks in front of others, they completely prove themselves clean. If you are Impostor then you have to make quick decisions, if they accuse you, you lose. In other words, you must kill these players as soon as possible

Don’t waste your time and kill other Crewmates, as that will only increase your suspicions. But don’t be too reckless: if you’re going up against an experienced Crewmate, they may be hiding this innocent player to see if the Impostor shows up. Use sabotage to isolate innocent players.

3. Act like a Crewmate


Discuss, vote, and accuse as if you were a Crewmate. Be as honest as possible about your position and don’t be too aggressive. If you scream: “Impostor is blue!”, without good reason other people will start to doubt you. Even if your early game aggression helps you knock out 1 Crewmate, you will still attract everyone’s attention and you will likely be the next to be kicked off the ship.

Furthermore, Crewmates are less likely to suspect you if they think you’re an amateur. Questions like “Who should I vote for?” or “I don’t know the name of the room” are subtle ways to help you achieve this. But don’t exaggerate it, the players keep insisting that this is “first time I play, please don’t kill me” will be easy to vote.

4. Be proactive


You want to stir the discussion in the right direction, so don’t let things go wrong. After a murder, ask another player where he is from or what quests he has done. If you do so early, other Crewmates may start to suspect that player.

This rule is even more important when you meet witnesses. If other players see you near a dead body or even kill someone, you know they will accuse you. The defensive position is usually not a strong one, so try to accuse them first or explain yourself before you have a chance. For example, if Pink sees you approaching the corpse before he report, subtly mention in the discussion that the killer isn’t Pink, since you both just walked into the room where the body was found. This will build trust with at least one of the Crewmates.

5. “Help” the Crewmates


Naturally, you want to eliminate as much Crewmate as possible. But especially in the early game, your priority is to build your own credibility. Therefore, defending another player might be a wise move. A saying like “I think I see pink has completed a mission, he is not an Imposor” will make you trustworthy. With luck, the player you protect will remember that and be less inclined to vote for you later in the game.

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