Diablo 4 revealed a super terrible trailer

GameHubVN Diablo 4 chinh thc lo dien Cho game th hoa gu va xe gio tren lung nga 2 - Emergenceingame
GameHubVN Diablo 4 chinh thc lo dien Cho game th hoa gu va xe gio tren lung nga 21 - Emergenceingame

Do you still remember the previous scandal of Blizzard at the Blizzcon 2018 event when the version was revealed Diablo Mobile instead of Diablo 4, making the company the target of attacks by the fans themselves. Since then, the path that Blizzard has gone has not been smooth for cams when it comes to consecutive scandals both inside and outside the game. The most typical is probably the case that this game company directly “beheaded” a Hearthstone gamer when he spoke out in support of the Hong Kong concern, causing the image of one of the world’s monuments to be violently shaken.

But maybe in the event Blizzcon 2019 This time, Blizzard is regaining trust in the eyes of gamers, starting with frankly apologizing for the careless handling of the recent incident. However, the most impressive thing for gamers is that Blizzard completely ignores Diablo Mobile and is ready to enter a new era with Diablo 4 – Super products ARPG Just officially revealed recently.

With 2 extremely epic trailers, Diablo 4 has officially opened a new path for the legendary ARPG series. In terms of plot, Diablo 4 this time will focus on the villainous role of Lilith, the demon queen who created the Nephalem race with her lover, the Angel Inarius in the past. However, with the threat of both Heaven and Hell, the fear of the image of her children being erased made Lilith suddenly went crazy and go on a rampage. In the end, it was Inarius who was forced to submit to Lilith even though he was unable to kill his beloved. He decided to seal Lilith into The Void and, in desperation, adjusted the Worldstone so that his own race would slowly fade into oblivion.


In terms of Gameplay, Diablo 4 will have 3 very familiar classes: Barbarians that are more of a melee, Sorceress that focused on magic, and Druid that focused on the ability to tame nature. One of Druid’s signature skills is to transform into a bear with boundless power ready to slaughter the enemy squad. An interesting point of Diablo 4 is that the game now also has a mount system with all kinds of species ranging from horses to monsters. Mounts can completely tweak their shape and features, and even allow gamers to perform unique Skills through each Class when jumping off the terrain.

Diablo 4 is expected to release on PC, Xbox One and Playstation 4. In addition to Diablo 4, Blizzard also revealed more images of Diablo Immortal, the Mobile version of Diablo. Readers can join the Diablo and Diablo Immortal communities for more details here:

You can also watch Diablo 4’s voice-over gameplay here:

Source link: Diablo 4 revealed a super terrible trailer – Let gamers “turn into bears” and tear the wind on horseback
– Emergenceinggames.com

Source link: Diablo 4 revealed a super terrible trailer
– Emergenceingames.com

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