The notorious hacker was arrested for cracking the game

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If interested copyright game Readers must have known Denuvo – famous anti-crack game technology used by game developers for many years. In the early days of its appearance, Devuno helped protect many games for a long time, hitting hard on groups of copyrighted game crackers. In 2016, however, one Hackers Bulgarian with nicknames Voksi and the game crack group Revolt has suddenly announced that it has successfully broken Denuvo technology, paving the way for a series of titles fake game then spread on the internet. Voksi soon became a famous name in the crack game world.. although now it seems that this hacker has to be touched by the law.


Accordingly, on a Subreddit called CrackWatch, where forum members monitor the crack progress of games, Voksi spoke as follows:


Immediately after that, Denuvo responded through the Kotaku website. In its announcement, a company representative said:


The Bulgarian police’s high-tech crime-fighting unit also verified the 21-year-old hacker’s arrest. Although he did not speak to the press after the arrest, on Reddit, Voksi said that it is almost certain that his days of cracking games will not be able to continue in the future. The police are still conducting further investigation, but surely Voksi’s sentence will not be light.

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