Top 15 most powerful swords in the virtual world (P2)

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Soul EdgeSoulCalibur

Soul Edge can be considered as the true demon sword of the virtual world when it scares many souls from 1995 until now. Forged in antiquity by an unnamed blacksmith, Soul Edge was originally just an ordinary greatsword. However, over time and through countless wars, Soul Edge was stained with the blood and hatred of those he had killed until one day when the sword itself had a soul of its own. That’s why every time Soul Edge falls into someone’s hands, it will become a true parasite, casting a curse on their hearts and aiming for a goal of nothing more: To destroy the world forever.


The first famous warrior to successfully use the Soul Edge was King Algol – who with his strong will was able to control the dark spirit inside the sword. With a powerful weapon in hand, he ruled the world and brought peace to his people. However, Algol’s son Arcturus grew jealous of his father, determined to steal Soul Edge and was accidentally possessed by the sword. Until the end for a great cause, Algol was forced to kill his son and vowed to create weapons that could oppose the forces of Soul Edge. Using a fragment of the demon sword, Algol performed various rituals to purify it and forge a new sword called Soulcalibur..

However, the creation of Soulcalibur led to an unpredictable result… that was Algol’s sacrifice as well as his strong will and desire to dominate being imbued with the sword. Two but one, Soulcalibur and Soul Edge have been involved in fateful confrontations throughout the length of the Soulcalibur series so far.


Energy SwordHalo

Engergy Sworld is not created by legend or magic, but it comes from the very latest military scientific achievements in the Halo universe. Energy Sword or Energy Sword, which is a proud weapon of the Sangheili clan, also known by the human military as “Elites”. These weapons were used only by the aristocracy and the recipient was also considered eligible for marriage. This is because only the most elite individuals of the Elites are trained in the use of the Energy Sword, and they see marriage and children as a way to pass on the “kendo” gene to the next generation.

The Energy Sword has such an important role due to its properties and power. Instead of being made of a solid substance like many other weapons, this energy sword is made up of freely moving electrons, allowing it to change texture when impacted on certain objects. This makes it possible to cut through the energy shield as well as the flesh of any creature, including the legendary Spartan warriors in the human army.


HF Blade – Metal Gear Solid

Continuing to be a creation of science… HF Blade – High-frequency Blade, or High Frequency Blade, is one of the most notorious weapons of the Metal Gear Solid world. With the shape and size of a katana, the HF Blade is capable of generating an enormous amount of alternating current and resonating at an unimaginable vibrational frequency. This property allows HF Blade to weaken an object’s molecular bonds, giving it the power to almost cut anything. Under the hands of Cyborg Ninja like Gray Fox, Olga Gurlukovich or most famously Raiden, HF Blade became extremely powerful weapons… even able to cut through a giant Metal Gear.



Speaking of demon swords, we can’t forget WarCraft’s Frostmourne.. This is probably one of the most powerful weapons in the WarCraft world, even changing the fate of the entire race in the game world. Created by the demon lord Nathrezim to control Ner’zhul – the first Lich King, Frostmourne soon found himself a tool to corrupt Prince Arthas.. It all started with Ner’zhul being fed up with before. becoming a pawn in the hands of the Burning Legion, began to push Frostmourne out of the icy surface and indirectly gave it to Arthas. After being corrupted by Ner’zhul through the demon sword, Arthas performed countless abominable acts.. such as killing his father Terenas Menethil II – King of Lordareon..

After many events that led to the destruction of his homeland, Arthas heeded Ner’shul’s call to step foot to the top of the mountain where the Lich King was imprisoned. Despite the resistance of Illidan, Arthas was still the victor in the end. Until the end of WarCraft III: The Frozen Throne, Arthas donned the Lich King’s crown.. merges the two destinies into a new demonic force on the land of Azeroth. All of the actions, choices, and paths that Arthas took would not have been possible without Frostmourne with his dark powers.


To be continued

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