Fans stirred because Call of Duty Black Ops 4 was too “blood-sucking”

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When Call of Duty Black Ops 4 officially announced the complete removal of the Campaign mode and focus on the Multiplayer array, many gamers have felt extremely disappointed.. The fact that a game series FPS Famous for its great storyline and deeply imprinted in the player’s mind, the vibrant characters now abandon traditional values ​​is really like a bucket of cold water. But recently Black Ops 4 under hand Treyarch made fans even more depressed because of his decision.


The story begins with the so-called “Season Pass” – a form of “ticket” that buys all the DLC (downloadable content) of a game. With Black Ops 4, this ticket is called Black Ops Pass.. Previously Call of Duty It’s often customary to release DLCs as Map Packs, that is, content packs that include a Map as well as a new weapon. But with the Black Ops Pass, the content will be updated throughout the year with a greater frequency and no longer be released as a Map Pack.


This at first glance seems quite reasonable because gamers automatically have access to a lot of new content in a short time instead of having to wait quite a long time like before. But it is worth mentioning that the Black Ops Pass costs up to 40-50 USD, equal to the license key price of a completely new game. And furthermore, with no longer selling individual Map Packs, Activision and Treyarch invisibly forced gamers to buy a special edition of Call of Duty Black Ops 4 for $100. That’s by version, buying the original game separately with Black Ops 4 will be even more expensive.


This change directly affects gamers and their friends in the form of a multiplayer game. Many people have encountered a case in a group of friends who did not buy the Season Pass, making them unable to play with their friends on the new Maps. This problem has caused many developers to change their mechanics by releasing the Map completely for free or removing the Season Pass and DLC. However, with Black Ops 4, it is different, this FPS game still sells the Season Pass and does not allow players to buy each Map Pack separately for a cheaper price (usually about 15 USD).

This will definitely cause the Call of Duty gaming community to be divided when some people can play this Map … others can’t. Many gamers, upon hearing the news, decided not to buy Call of Duty Black Ops 4 because they didn’t want to leave their friends behind. They would rather play a less famous game but can side by side than a “blood-sucking” game that is dividing their own player community.​

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