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Into The Dead 2 – FPS Zombie released a super update to Mobile

When Into The Dead 2 Officially released, title Zombie Game This game has immediately proven its strength far beyond its seniors in particular and games of the same genre in general. There Into The Dead 2 offers a complete storyline play with compelling plot and the cast perform extremely professional voice acting. Indeed, there are very few Mobile Game titles today that dare to invest so heavily, not to mention an Endless Runner product combined with style. FPS like Into The Dead 2.


However, the game under the hands of PikPok has not stopped being surprised when it has just released a super terrible Update to continue the journey of survival amid the Zombie pandemic that is sweeping through the US. Of course, this extension will continue the strength of Into The Dead 2 when it comes to fascinating details and a very soulful cast of characters.


Unlike the original game, the plot of Into The Dead 2 Divided no longer revolves around the driver James with his journey to find his family, but instead lets us play the role of private woman Garcia. When on the plane to the assembly point, Garcia and her teammates were suddenly attacked by an infected soldier, forcing her to emergency parachute into the area flooded with Zombies. With the words “No one left behind”, Garcia began his journey to find his comrades and began to fight the bloodthirsty creatures along the way.


In addition to the new storyline, Into The Dead 2 Divided also brings gamers a completely new weapon, the ASH-20 Breacher – a Shotgun with an abundant ammunition reserve. Above all, this is also the first time Into The Dead 2 allows gamers to accompany another character, completely eliminating the feeling of loneliness and enhancing the image of teammates in the game’s plot.

Show Into The Dead 2 Divided has officially launched on Android and iOS, ready for readers to enjoy right now. If you have deleted the game or have never had the opportunity to experience this Zombie super product, you can also download it for free directly here:

GameHub download - Emergenceingame

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