When Batman’s hands are stained with Justice League blood (P3)

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In the previous part..

Yes god… even a murderous god will eventually fall into the hands of mortals.

The rubber compound mixed with Kryptonite fallout as soon as it approached Superman’s irises caused the Man of Steel to pass out, falling straight from the air to the bottom of the water. That moment marked the job Justice League despite having sky-high power, was still defeated by someone who had no superpowers. But like Batman once told a friend from Kryton, this war won’t be you and me. The winner of this war is the one who turned the entire Justice League against him. That person is none other than the “Prince of Crime” – Joker.


After his epic battle with the Justice League, Batman discovers that the Joker poisons them with a special poison.. so special that it is customized for each person, unique to each personality it infects. All Justice League members were immediately put into treatment and gradually stabilized. But Batman knows it takes five days for the toxicity to dissipate. 5 days, which is almost a week in the world without the protection of Justice League. It’s been almost a week that Joker can do whatever he wants with his hands free.

To further investigate the whereabouts of Joker – who was thought to have died in the previous part, Batman visits the clown’s old cell in Arkham Asylum. Here the Dark Knight meets Eric Border – an old man who used to work at Arkham Asylum before the insane asylum was destroyed and the facility was moved to Wayne mansion. While chatting like old friends with Eric, Batman stepped into the cell where the mad clown was once locked. But the unidentified superhero from behind Eric Border began to take off the white blouse, revealing the shiny black suit underneath. Calmly… slowly… he slammed the bars down, locking Batman inside. In the dim light, the former Arkham employee Asylum slowly wiped his face with a handkerchief, revealing pale skin and a wild smile. Yes, the one who claims to be Eric Border is actually the Joker.​


From within the cell Batman is gradually paralyzed by the toxic gas, but not at all what the Justice League is known for. Joker wants Batman to live, live to see the whole of Gotham go insane while he sleeps in the place where his enemies were once held, living to die once and for all.. Because as Joker said, he felt it. bored with “my friend” and it’s time to bring “this relationship to an end that can never be returned”.

When he wakes up, the whole scene in front of him plays out exactly as the Joker promised, where the peculiar poison spreads everywhere and infects the virus that turns human love into mad hatred and craving. extreme thirst for violence. But of all those lucky people infected with the virus, Batman still has a safe ally, James Gordon. Locked in his apartment, he assists Batman by investigating incidents that have occurred throughout the city’s history. For some reason, he saw the Joker’s face everywhere. In newspapers and in photographs, hidden among documents about massacres that took place hundreds of years ago. There was always a pale face and a crazy smile present. Why? How come this? Immortal Joker? No, impossible.


At the same time, Batman arrives at the hospital despite the “zombie” infected with the Joker virus surrounding every corner. His purpose is to investigate “Patient Zero” – the first to be infected. But he did not know that Patient Zero was Joe Chill, the robber who murdered his parents in the past. Before he could fully recover because the person who changed his life appeared in front of him, behind the isolation glass appeared a theatrical version of Crime Alley, where Thomas and Martha Wayne used to lie. And there is also an unknown family with father, mother and child… just like the family of young Bruce Wayne. Behind the glass, Joe Chill with a mad smile began to reach into the gun in his inside pocket, wanting to recreate the terrible scene that once haunted an innocent soul. Only this time he wanted to add another innocent soul.

Returning to Gordon, when he was alone in the apartment he suddenly heard strange noises. Pulling a gun and walking closer to the wardrobe, he opened the door only to be knocked out by the toy glove for some reason there. Suffering on the floor, Commissioner Gordon was horrified to see a dark figure crawling out from under the bed. Yes, it’s none other than the Joker, who’s been in Gordon’s apartment all this time. Slithering like a monster, he carried an ax in his hand, intending to finish Gordon off.


At the same time, two bullets were fired. One from Joe Chill’s gun barrel at Gotham Church Hospital, one from Gordon’s gun barrel in a dark apartment. Joe Chill’s was stabbed in the chest of Batman, who had just rushed to protect the innocent family… Gordon’s was stabbed in the chest of the Joker, who stood there with the ax in his hand. With state-of-the-art armor, Batman was unharmed….with his rumpled coat, Joker prostrated himself under the police commissioner’s gun.

Batman called Gordon, and he couldn’t hide his ecstasy. He said with tears of happiness running down his cheeks.


“Batman, he’s dead.. he’s dead..”


“I have to! He attacked and I just left!… He’s dead, really dead..”

“I know, I know.. it sounds cold. I know the apartment is on fire, but at least.. at least he’s dead.”

But unbeknownst to Gordon, from the burning fire behind him, Joker gradually stood up like a zombie.


Part 4:

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