PUBG – “Treasure” calls the car Hacker to team up, Shroud shoots through the head of a dirty player

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If you are a enthusiast PUBG Do you still remember the case? Shroud got his account banned for 30 days due to “teaming up” with Hacker, which resulted in him and Waku climbing into the infamous flying car. After this incident, Shroud immediately apologized to the fans and admitted that the action was not very good, giving him a lesson on how to behave in the future. Understanding his mistake, the former CSGO gamer also became more careful when Livestreaming throughout the past time. Not long ago his account was also “unbanned”, giving Shroud a chance to redeem himself with the community.


However, perhaps the Hackers still want him to get used to the old ways, continue to ruin Shroud’s Livestreams by putting dirty tools into the game. Continuously for many days these Hackers use flying cars to tease gamers born in 94 and even kill other players to make the game lose its entertainment completely.

Sometimes Shroud can’t do anything because the car is out of range.. Sometimes he succeeds in knocking these Hackers out with a precise shot like in the recent Livestream. However, there were also times when Shroud used a card to lure Hacker, turned on the speakerphone to “trick” them to come and pick him up and when the car landed on the ground, he just stuck the AKM in the head.

Indeed, it is impossible not to admit that witnessing such scenes brings a strange sense of satisfaction and refreshment. No matter how defeated, killing the Hackers in the game, not only PUBG, always makes us gamers extremely excited.

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