Gamer “beheaded” by Blizzard for supporting Hong Kong is not sure if he will return

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This week, Hearthstone player professional Ng Wai Chung – also known as Blitzchung in the game – was Blizzard banned from playing after he called for the liberation of Hong Kong in an interview at Grandmasters Award Asia Pacific. Many people have threatened to boycott Blizzard since then. In a recent statement, Blitzchung has expressed a more friendly attitude towards Blizzard but he is still unsure if he will return to the game.

“First of all, I’m very grateful that Blizzard is reviewing my ban. Earlier this week, I informed the media that I knew I could be fined and the consequences of my actions. , as my actions do not serve the purpose of the event. In the future, I will be more careful and only express my views or support for Hong Kong on my personal means.”


Blizzard reduced Blitzchung’s one-year penalty to six months, and returned the player’s past tournament prize money. Blitzchung said “six months is still a pretty long time” for him but also appreciated the opportunity to return to play at the Grandmasters.

In addition to Blitzchung’s punishment, Blizzard also originally made the decision to terminate the commentators’ contracts during the interview – this was changed to a six-month suspension. Blitzchung said, “I still hope Blizzard can reconsider the punishment for the two commentators involved.”


However, the Blitzchung player remains uncertain about returning to play at Hearthstone in the future. He shared, “Honestly, I haven’t considered it. Because there are at least a few months from now until the tournament I plan to participate in, maybe the Grandmasters of the new season. I will take this time to rest and decide if I should continue as a professional Hearthstone player.Hearthstone has changed my life.I really love this community.Wish everyone. play the game and Blizzard achieves even more success.”​

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