Check out the super cute Pet system in DDTank

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DDTank, a famous shooter game similar to Gunny or GunBound, if you are familiar with the two games above, it will not be strange to this shooter genre. Like Gunny, you can compare with other gunners in the game in mode Entertainment TournamentHere you can freely implement all your techniques and skills.

Next is the mode Explore, is where you will accompany other players to together destroy the boss, overcome many different doors and finally clash with the boss of that level.

Accompanying you in the fierce battles will be the powerful supporters Pet in the high and low competition. With a giant Pet warehouse with more than 100 different types, waiting for gamers to explore. In addition, Pet also has the same skills as the player, including 2 main skills: active and passive, abilities and benefits different depending on each type of Pet.

The level markers that can open the Pet corresponding to the level include: 15, 30, 45 and 60. Each level has a lot of Pet with appearance and ability to increase strength or different fighting style. Let check in via the Pet system in DDTank to see what’s in it.

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Check out the Pet system in DDTank

Includes Pet shows strength in each color on their name plate, from gray to purple from weak to strong. At level 30 is the initial level you can own a Pet for yourself.

Pet level 30

On the level 45 Pet system will appear a new color that is yellow, the power of this yellow animal is superior to the lower colored Pet.

Pet level 30

The use that Pet gives players will increase the basic stats such as: Attack, Health, Speed, Armor.

Pet level 30

In addition, each Pet will be equipped with 1 to 2 different skills, these skills will be effective directly in the shot when fighting.

Pet level 30

In addition, when leveling up Pet will also increase strength, defense, increase HP and speed. You can enhance your Pet by using it Pet EXP, Pet EXP Get through in-game events.

Pet level 30

You can collect Pet from Pet Eggs, collect Pet eggs from go copies or events.

Pet level 30

Above are a few shares of about the Pet system available on DDTank, with the existing Pet above you can collect and upgrade your Pet to become an effective assistant to accompany. you in the battles You can learn more about Pet level 30 through the article on choosing the best Pet at level 30 in DDTank.

Wish you collect the most powerful Pet in DDTank

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