FACEIT Major London is the best chance for s1mple to win the Major

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Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev is the best CS:GO player right now. His 2018 was filled with successes. His outstanding skill and talent can be placed alongside Marcelo “Coldzera” David and Nikola “NiKo” Kovac. This generation of talented people is good enough to write a new CS:GO history through their performances. And there is no better tournament than the CS:GO Major, specifically this FACEIT Major London, to let s1mple shine and win their first Major.

During his career, s1mple attended 6 Majors. He first played for HellRaisers at DreamHack Winter 2014, with a shock win over Fnatic in the group stage. While this was a surprise win, HellRaisers were in a slump at the time and finishing in the top 8 was already a resounding success for the team.

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We didn’t see s1mple show up at the Major, until 2016. s1mple was then a great talent who had what it takes to be a great player in the future. However, what hinders him is his ‘angry’ personality as well as his innocence. s1mple was young, emotional, and not mature enough to be a good teammate. This is something that has stuck with him for many years when he himself can compete with the top CIS teams in the region, but the cooperation with s1mple is too difficult, causing the CIS region to ‘give up’. When s1mple left Flipside, Yegor “markeloff” Markloff said the following:

“I feel great when it’s gone, everyone feels better.”

The time he spent with Flisid3 was when s1mple slowly formed the mindset of a player, but not enough to become a teammate. At the end of 2015, it seemed that s1mple would have to settle in the deep hole of the CIS region. However, fate and the outstanding development of CS: GO esports gave him another chance to shine.

At ESWC 2015, Spencer “Hiko” Martin stood-in for Flipsid3 at the tournament. The two of them competed together and achieved pretty good results when they finished in the top 4. After Hiko joined Team Liquid, he was looking for a talent that could make the team better and Hiko suddenly remembered s1mple. He called s1mple and the young player nodded.

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S1mple joining Liquid was one of CS:GO’s most unexpected transfers. Different personalities, drama, and erratic results are just some of the things we can expect from s1mple with Liquid. During this time, s1mple played for Liquid in two Majors. The first time was MLG Columbus when Liquid unexpectedly made it to the semifinals. There, they battled Luminosity (former SK/Mibr team), the tournament contender, and twice reached the matchpoint before Luminosity. However, their ability to clutch under pressure helped them beat Liquid in extra time in both maps.

S1mple is surprisingly good, but he and Liquid aren’t ready to win the Major. It was a great journey and it seemed like Liquid could have cornered Luminosity to the end, but the results tell a different story.

The second time s1mple played for Liquid at the Major was ESL One Cologne. This is considered the tournament that made the biggest turning point in s1mple’s career. At which point Liquid and s1mple decided to go their separate ways. S1mple just wanted to go home and Liquid decided to find another 5th member. So this is the last event with s1mple and this tournament shows how much potential the team has if they find solutions to problems outside of the game.

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At that Major, Liquid advanced to the finals of the event. They beat EnVyUs and Mouz in the group stage, Na`Vi in the quarter-finals and Fnatic in the semi-finals. S1mple has his own magic league and his tackles are legendary. The most memorable memory comes from the AWP jump at Cache against Fnatic. It was an inspiring journey, but once again, the team fell to the Brazilian boys, now playing for SK Gaming. This time, SK became stronger than the previous clash and finished Liquid 2-0 easily.

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Graffiti by s1mple

In both of those Majors, s1mple progressed to the semifinals and finals. But Liquid had a lot of problems before the tournament, but with the high pressure of the tournament, it created an atmosphere that made everything work, for the members to temporarily ignore the inadequacies and show that they could do it. things.

The reason why this Major became a turning point for s1mple was not simply the fact that he made it to the Finals and gave himself graffiti. It was his ability to compete that forced Na`Vi to consider adding him to the team. The team realized that if s1mple could do the extraordinary with a team that had a completely different culture and spoke a second language, then surely Na`Vi would be able to unleash the power of s1mple. Not long after the Major, s1mple joined Na`Vi to form the superpower team CIS.

Regrettably for Na`Vi, the coach regulation has ruined this squad’s potential. Sergey ‘starix’ Uschuk was unable to direct, forcing the team to use Denis ‘seized’ Kostin. Not only was this a misstep, it completely destroyed seized. Not only that, s1mple is still not mature enough to be a teammate. Internal squabbles started happening and around this time his teammate Ladislav ‘GuardiaN’ Kovacs stated,

“He [s1mple] is one of the most talented players in CS history. It’s very difficult to work with him because s1mple’s ego is too high. He’s like a wild animal.”

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Later, GuardiaN also left Na`Vi and Danylo ‘Zeus’ Teslenko returned. Team Natus Vincere at that time was a mess, forcing Zeus as captain to take a long time to rebuild. At the same time, seize lost all confidence in the game. He had to withdraw and this forced the team to find a replacement, Denis ‘electronic’ Sharipov.

It’s hard to say what happened to s1mple this time around. Chances are s1mple always knew he could be the best player in the world. His innate shooting ability and the number of hours he invested in it made it up. However, s1mple still doesn’t understand that this is a team game, he can’t just think about himself, but also think about the team. In the two Majors he attended that year at ELEAGUE Atlanta and the Krarkow Major, both had disappointing results. Na`Vi is not strong enough to overcome Astralis and Krakow is not strong enough to make it through the group stage.

Perhaps those losses have awakened s1mple. For him, joining Na`Vi is a big dream because it is the largest organization and has the longest CS history in the CIS region. Although with his skill, the team is playing worse than before. Perhaps this is the wake-up call that s1mple needs, perhaps he realizes that the common factor that caused his teams to fall apart in the past is because of him. , or perhaps s1mple has matured. s1mple first joined Flipsid3 when he was just 16 years old. When he joined Liquid, s1mple lived in the game house of League of Legends and was completely alone in a foreign environment, socializing with people he didn’t know, or playing with. He is not ready for the leap in new social relationships and it probably has a heavy impact on his psyche. The main reason may be because s1mple is still young. S1mple is too inexperienced, both in terms of age and mentality.

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Now, he is grown and mature. The time when s1mple was always a thorn in the team’s eyes has ended. At the end of 2017, the rumors of controversy in Na`Vi disappeared. S1mple has learned to be a better player and role model in the CS:GO community. This is a boom period for Na`Vi, not to mention the more s1mple shoots, the better. He becomes an active AWper who can play multiple positions and is ready to shoot with his precision.

The failures of 2017 have ‘me’ s1mple into the amazing player he is about to become in 2018. We first saw that at the ELEAGUE Major Boston, when Na`Vi broke into the top four at the event. to sue. Soon after, the first few months of 2018 became the era of s1mple.

S1mple is in great form. He is considered to be in higher form than any player ever seen in CS:GO. His active play became a deadly weapon. S1mple being able to collaborate with the team both inside and outside of the game is a huge improvement. He is the finished product and single-handedly brought Na`Vi to the final of Starladder i-League Season 4. Without s1mple, Na`Vi would have been eliminated much sooner.

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Luckily for Na`Vi, the members started catching up with s1mple. Electronic became the team’s 2nd brightest superstar, Egor ‘flamie’ Vasilyev became the third star. Zeus and Ioann ‘Edward’ Sukhariev played their part and communication problems began to be fixed. It all showed at ESL One Cologne 2018, when the team beat Astralis in the semi-finals and then straight into the tournament.

After that victory, Na`Vi is considered the second strongest team in the world. After that, the team participated in two more tournaments: ELEAGUE Premier 2018 and DreamHack Masters Stockholm. At ELEAGUE, Na`Vi was eliminated in the semifinals by Team Liquid. In Stockholm, they were knocked out by the ecstatic North in the quarterfinals. Those failures became worrisome when the boys revealed their weaknesses in Na`Vi’s map pool. Although the crack is open, this is the best team that s1mple has played against before the Major.

Let’s take a look at the Majors that s1mple attended. The first with HellRaisers, he had absolutely no chance. Playing against Liquid, the team worked wonders, but ran into one of the greatest teams of all time: LGD/SK at the time. In 2017, Na`Vi was completely underdog despite the team possessing many talents. In 2018, Na`Vi wasn’t ready for the ELEAGUE Major Boston, but now they are.

Make no mistake, Astralis is still a contender to win the Major, but of all the Majors and s1mple have attended, this is his best chance. Overall, Na`Vi is one of only three lineups that have beaten Astralis in BO3. Although that victory required the boys to give everything they had, Na`Vi showed that she has the ability to do it. With s1mple, this will be the best chance for him to lift the Major trophy of his career

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