Extremely happy with the series of PK battlefields of Swordsman VNG

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To be webgame In addition to possessing a series of graphics and equipment typical of this game series, Swordsman VNG also has a diverse mission and battlefield system. The highlight of the series of battlefields in this game is not only in the number of “flooded faces”, but also in the uniqueness and novelty, bringing many attractive experiences when PK for players.

A unique, crowded and full of fun battlefield only at Swordsman VNG

The battlefield system in Swordsman VNG is distributed alternately. That is, a battlefield will not repeat for many days, but is arranged every other day, in order to avoid boredom and increase the freshness of activities. For example, the Battlefield Faction is opened at 4 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays of the week.

Compare PK with individual battlefield series

Activities at Swordsman VNG are usually divided into two types: individual activities and group activities. While the Clan and Tong Mon missions emphasize the collective, individual activities are the land to help players assert their PK skills as well as their own position on the Leaderboards.

Mineral paintings – attractive rewards

The outstanding personal PK battlefields of the Sword Guest can be mentioned such as: Cultivating the Devil Coc, Tinh Mineral Painting, Dau Bao Secret Scene, World Boss, Dungeon Boss, Killing Qin Secret History, ….While most of the These battlefields are all Boss killing activities to receive equipment and items. Then there are some unique battlefields with new gameplay that players can’t miss such as Winning the Flag, Winning the King…

Win the Flag and get Crystal

Victory as King is considered the most unique and strange battlefield in the current Japanese role-playing sword game series. Unique in that this is a feature quite similar to the current hot survival game series like PUBG, Rule of Survival … players are dropped and the battlefield and have to confront hundreds of other gamers in the same server, who lives Surviving to the end will become the Conqueror of the world.

Win the King – Conquer the world

Extremely fun group battlefield series

In addition to individual battlefields, Swordsman also has many group battlegrounds for players to form PK guilds. If Cong Thanh Chien or Strongest Tribe are battlefields for clans with 5 members, Dai Chien Faction is a crowded arena for all server players.

The Strongest Clan – Clan Competition

The Great War is a face-to-face PK battle of 2 factions, 150 people each are randomly selected. This battlefield gathers a large number of players in 1 server, creating a crowded but equally dramatic melee. The winning side will definitely receive a series of extremely attractive rewards.
If you are looking for a swordplay game to unleash PK, climb rank, then Swordsman VNG is a webgame that you should not miss this year. With a series of unique and crowded battlefields, players will surely have a fascinating experience with this hot game.

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