Detailed list of weapons in the game Valorant

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Tactical shooting game Game Valorant A new first-person perspective from Riot Games was officially revealed today, along with some classic and modern weapons. Here are all the Valorant weapons that will appear in the game.

Valorant There’s a diverse arsenal of weapons to ensure constant action and ever-changing tactical gameplay, plenty of powerful guns and destructive weapons that can take down enemies in one shot. Let Taimienphi also review the detailed list of types Weapons game Valorant Please.

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Synthesize weapons in the game Valorant

Detailed list of weapons in the game Valorant

1. Sidearms – Pistols

Sidearms pistols are especially useful in the game Valorant, they are much cheaper than rifles and sniper rifles. The list of pistols in Valorant includes the following:
– Classic Sidearm
– Shorty Sidearm
– Frenzy Sidearm
– Ghost Sidearm
– Sheriff Sidearm

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2. Sub Machine Gun – Submachine gun

The SMG submachine gun is one of the most commonly used weapons in all tactical shooters, not just Valorant. Although the damage level of these weapons is unknown, it will certainly not be equal to shotguns.
– Stinger SMG
– Specter SMG

3. Shotgun – Hunting Gun

The Shotgun in Valorant can be capable of killing enemies with a single bullet, like most other FPS shooters. Similar to CSGO, Shotgun can be significantly reduced in terms of damage if the target is far away.
– Bucky Shotgun
– Judge Shotgun

4. Rifle – Rifle

Valorant rifles are potentially the second most powerful weapon after sniper rifles but they are relatively expensive, requiring only 1 shot per target. Here is a detailed list of weapons Valorant Game Rifles
– Bulldog Rifle
– Guardian Rifle
– Phantom Rifle
– Vandal Rifle

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5. Sniper Rifles – Sniper gun

Similar to CSGO, Valorant will have a relatively weak sniper rifle like the Scout and a powerful action sniper rifle like the AWP. These are the most expensive weapons in the game because of their extreme accuracy and damage.
– Marshal Sniper
– Operator Sniper

6. Heavy rifles – Heavy rifles

These rifles are light machine guns that tend to reduce the player’s speed when used and deal high damage. But these weapons you will probably encounter often during the experience.
– Ares rifle
– Odin rifle

7. Other Weapons

In addition you also have a number of other diverse types of equipment such as Spike (mine), Sova Revolver (a new pistol), Kingdom Rifle, Unnamed assault rifle, Knife …. certainly the list of weapons. Valorant game will be added after updated versions.

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Above is the entire list of weapons in Riot’s Valorant tactical shooter, many choices for players after joining. Refer to the list of Valorant game character skills here, don’t forget to share it with everyone you know.

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