Compare Path Of Exile 2 vs Diablo 4, which game is more worth playing?

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Path of Exile 2 and Diablo 4 are two action role-playing super products that are very much expected today. Although the release date has not been announced, players have a first look at the graphics and gameplay of these two games. So which game is more worth playing? We will work together to find the answer through the comparison article Path Of Exile 2 and Diablo 4 right after.

Immediately after Blizzard introduced Diablo 4 to the world at the BlizzCon 2019 event, the developer of the game Grinding Gear Games also quickly revealed Path of Exile 2 at ExileCon 2019. Both have created a fever in the gaming community and a lot of people are wondering which games are worthy of their precious time playing.

comparison path of exile 2 with diablo 4

Diablo 4 and Path of Exile 2 which game is more worth playing

While both titles are great in their own right, there are many aspects to compare. Path of Exile favors character depth and customization systems, while Diable focuses on fighting and world-building. We will together conduct a detailed comparison of Path Of Exile 2 vs Diablo 4 in this article.

Compare Path Of Exile 2 vs Diablo 4, which game is more worth playing?

1. Frequent Updates: Path Of Exile 2> Diablo 4

Grinding Gear Games, developer of Path of Exile, has updated their game for over 6 years now with new additions. New skills, items, and chapters have built a solid foundation for this role-playing game to compete with Blizzard’s highly anticipated masterpiece.

comparison path of exile 2 vs diablo 4 game which is more popular

Path of Exile 2 will also not stop updating its content. With the new tournament, limited time events with special mechanics, which are added every 3 months, are difficult for Diablo 4 to keep up with that updated schedule.

2. Co-op mode: Diablo 4> Path Of Exile 2.

Diablo 4 has unique character classes that possess different skills, but certain characters can combine those skills to create a destructive effect. For example, the Sorceress can freeze enemies while Druid attacks opponents while in transformation form.

path of exile 2 with diablo 4 game which is better

The possibilities for cooperative play are endless and fun, and with the push for shared elements in this installment, it seems Blizzard wants players to interact with each other as much as possible. For Path of Exile 2, the game is inclined to solo content and lacks multiplayer content.

3. Final Game: Path Of Exile 2> Diablo 4.

Built on the great foundation its predecessor created, Path Of Exile 2 will have the same end system as Path Of Exile. This means players will be able to explore one of over 100 dungeon maps, filled with unique monsters and bosses.

nen play path of exile 2 or diablo 4

Players can edit these maps using the money they collect during their adventures to turn them into death traps filled with treasures that only the best of them have can pass. The culmination of the journey of discovery is the battle against the boss, when the player wins, the player will get the most valuable loot in the game. If you want to change the wind, players can also enter the endless dungeon called Delve to see how far they can go and how long they can survive. Hopefully Blizzard can bring the Endgame system or such a comprehensive set of systems into its products.

4. PvP: Diablo 4> Path Of Exile 2.

Blizzard mentioned that Diablo 4 has zones dedicated to PvP battles called the Fields of Hatred. It’s not quite as comprehensive as Overwatch, but fighting your friends or other players for the best drop gear is a stellar part of the action RPG genre and thankfully, Blizzard is getting the hang of it there.

comparison path of exile 2 vs diablo 4

Path of Exile currently offers quite weak PvP combat capabilities as it only allows players to compete with each other in specific arenas with zero winnings. Meanwhile, Diablo 4 players can encounter other players in certain locations of the world in dramatic and engaging battles. The lack of skill balance in Path of Exile makes the PvP war less attractive than what Blizzard offers.

5. Rich content: Path Of Exile 2> Diablo 4.

Not a separate game but released as an expansion to the first game, Path of Exile 2 will benefit from all the additions and improvements that the previous game had. All skills, character classes and maps will be carried over to the next game.

point of exile 2 vs diablo 4

With so much more content added since 2013, Path of Exile players have more to do and more enemies to destroy than Blizzard can offer. Grinding Gear Games also makes both games share the same Endgame system, which means Path of Exile 2 can be built with hundreds of maps, bosses, and confrontations that have been in development over the years.

6. Clarity in character class: Diablo 4> Path Of Exile 2.

The character classes in Diablo 4 are very different. Each class possesses its own unique skills and talents. In addition, it can be seen that each class plays a different role.

the difference between the path of exile 2 vs diablo 4

Although Path of Exile has Ascendency, the character classes players get throughout the campaign, the game doesn’t provide the specific class identity many ARPG game fans love. The Druid in Diablo is known for its transformation magic and earth-based magic, but any class of characters in the Path of Exile could fulfill that role if they used the right skill. This means that every character can feel the same and quite boring compared to the skills that are pre-designed for specific classes in Diablo 4.

7. Character building: Path Of Exile 2> Diablo 4.

While clarity in character classes may be lacking, Path of Exile features an impressive character customization system that allows any character to use any skill if they have the required attributes. set. Witch can use the melee skills of Maurader and Templar can use bow skills like the Ranger.

path of exile 2 and diablo 4 game which is better

This system offers unique character building capabilities that other action RPGs don’t. While Diablo has to take into account class, PoE just needs to add a new skill gem or skill item to create exciting new abilities.

8. Hunting world bosses: Diablo 4> Path Of Exile 2.

comparison path of exile 2 vs diablo 4 game which is more popular

Diablo has PvP areas called Fields of Hatred. Here, players can attack each other. However, not only does the Fields of Hatred take place with multiplayer encounters, the Fields of Hatred also has PvE activities such as special events and world boss hunting. You can team up with other players and together defeat the final boss.

9. Skill system: Path Of Exile 2> Diablo 4.

path of exile 2 and diablo 4 is the best game

In Path of Exile 2, Grinding Gear Games is simplifying the skill system with supplementary gems, enhancing the character’s power through skill gems instead of items. This change means it will be easier to know which gems are suitable for which skills. This also means that players won’t have to spend resources or time adding slots and links to newly earned items to use them. Leveling up is much better and this system allows for more use of key skills.

10. Story: Diablo 4> Path Of Exile 2.

The Diablo 4 trailer is simply gorgeous and presents the premise for a much darker game than its predecessor.

The legend of Diablo has had a much longer development period than Path of Exile. While the story usually isn’t the focus of attention for dungeon raiders, it does contribute to great world building and satisfying combat mechanics. All of this helps create memorable campaigns and experiences that very few games can reproduce.

Link to download the latest Diablo 4:

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Link to download the latest Path Of Exile 2:

=> Link Download Path of Exile 2
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Thus, when comparing Path Of Exile 2 and Diablo 4, we can see that each game occupies more of the 5 aspects. Therefore, can conclude that any game is worth downloading and experiencing. How about you?

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