Everything you need to know about music discs in Minecraft

Music discs make the playing experience Minecraft better. Here’s everything you need to know about music disc in Minecraft.

Open world of Minecraft Extremely large with loads of activities suitable for all ages. Whether you’re a miner, a builder, or an adventurous person, you’ll always have a great time playing Minecraft. One of the game‘s most exciting tasks is to create music discs. Not only that, the game also allows players to add their favorite music to the disc. You already know how to make music discs in Minecraft yet? If not, let’s find out Download.vn!

What is music disc in Minecraft?

If you are a music fanatic, you will love Jukebox in Minecraft. This is a craftable item. The Jukebox will play music whenever a player places a disc inside it. Minecraft There are 13 unique music tracks written by C418 and Lena Raine. Players can also add their favorite music to the game with the mod.

Jukebox in Minecraft

How to craft Jukebox in Minecraft

To make Jukebox in Minecraft, you need 8 any planks and a diamond. Place the diamond in the center of the crafting table, surrounded by 8 boards and you will have a Jukebox.

Jukebox crafting recipe in Minecraft

Various types of music discs are available in Minecraft

  • Thirteen – Composer: C418
  • Cat – Composer: C418
  • Blocks – Composer: C418
  • Chirp – Composer: C418
  • Far – Composer: C418
  • Mall – Composer: C418
  • Mellohi – Composer: C418
  • Stal – Composer: C418
  • Strad – Composer: C418
  • Ward – Composer: C418
  • 11 – Composer: C418
  • Wait – Composer: C418
  • Pigstep – Composer: Lena Raine

How to use music discs in Minecraft

To play music discs, simply place them in the Jukebox by right clicking on it. The player can also use a hopper to put the disc into the Jukebox. Right-click on Jukebox again to open the disc and stop playing current music. The disc only plays once. You need to take the disc out and reinsert it in the Jukebox if you want to listen again. Music played by the Jukebox moves about 65 blocks in all directions.

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How to use music discs in Minecraft

How to have music discs in Minecraft

Natural appearance

Music discs in Minecraft can appear in chests in many different regions. In the latest Minecraft Java Edition, players can only get 3 discs in this way, specifically as follows:

Caves have music discs in Minecraft
  • 13 Music Disc and Cat Music Disc: 21.8% chance to spawn in a loot box in Dungeon or Woodland.
  • Pigstep Music Disc: 5.6% chance of appearing in Generic Chests in Bastion Remnant.

Loot items from Creeper

When a Creeper is killed by a skeleton or wandering monster, it will randomly leave a disc in addition to the other regular items (except Pigstep).

Loot music discs from Creeper

You can apply another cool trick is to have Skeleton burn the TNT block to form a rocket that kills the Creeper, then you will get a disc. However, keep in mind that this wandering skeleton has to hold a missile bow that shoots TNT blocks or shoots it through the lava for this to work.

Note: Currently, players can not create music discs in Minecraft but can change the content of the track with a mod or a resource pack.

Add music to the Music Disc of Minecraft

How to create a custom music disc in Minecraft is as follows:

  1. Start by creating a folder containing your music recordings. Go to Minecraft folder> Sounds Projects> Create a new folder.
  2. Open any file window, enter % appdata, locate the directory .minecraft > version> scroll down to current game version> copy file .jar into the new folder.
  3. Change .jar Fort .zip > Scroll down to find the file pack.mcmeta and pack.png > copy the file to the new folder.
  4. Back to file zip> assets> Minecraft > copy the language file to the new folder.
  5. Open the file pack.mcmeta and exchange The default data for Minecraft Fort Custom Records.
  6. Create a new resource folder> a new Minecraft folder> a new audio folder> a new recording folder.
  7. Drag the language file into the folder Minecraft new, next to the audio file.
  8. Convert music recordings to format .ogg.
  9. Set the converted music records to the Record folder.
  10. Open the file en_us.json in the language folder> rename the disc.
  11. Rename the recordings according to the music disc of your choice.
  12. Choose a folder assests, file pack.mcmeta and pack.png, then compress them into one.
  13. Move them to the resource pack folder.
  14. Open the game, find the corresponding music disc and enjoy.
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The above is how to get music discs and add the music you love to Minecraft games. Hope the article is useful to you.

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