The most prominent weapon changes Free Fire OB26

Free Fire OB26 officially launches a global server with numerous changes to weapon systems. Let list these Free Fire weapon changes Most prominent can affect your gameplay in this version!

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The most prominent weapon changes Free Fire OB26

Huge boost to Groza

Free Fire Groza

Apparently, the Groza outperformed the weapons in other airdrops and was easily replaced by more powerful AR guns. That’s why Garena decided to power it up – a small buff for stats in all attack categories.

  • Rate of fire: + 8%
  • Minimum damage: +3
  • Recoil: -6%
  • Hand and foot damage: 100%

Doing 100% damage to the legs and arms is actually the biggest change for Groza because in the past, shots from these Free Fire guns had little effect on the two body parts.

New hunting rifle MAG-7

Gun Free Fire MAG-7
  • Base damage: 20
  • Ammo chamber: 8
  • Rate of fire: 0.2
  • Accessories: Grip, Stock

Overall, the MAG-7 is a “lightning fast” M1014 with a high rate of fire and a much larger magazine. Along with the reduced power of the M1887, this new FF gun can replace it & become the most loved melee weapon in the Free Fire game.

Decreased the power of Vector

Vector guns in Free Fire
  • Minimum damage: -1
  • Maximum usage range of Vector Akimbo: -4
  • Akimbo accuracy: -18%

Vector has been too strong since its launch, especially when players try to hold a Vector gun in each hand. In the Free Fire OB26 patch, its damage, range, and accuracy have been reduced.

Power down of SVD

SVD guns in Free Fire
  • Rate of fire: -9%
  • Reduced damage to body: 50% -> 40%
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SVD has outperformed weapons in crates by the ability to deal more damage to the body with each shot. Therefore, Garena decided to lower this stat down a bit to make Free Fire SVD more balanced.

Woodpecker power down

Woodpecker in Free Fire
  • Rate of fire: -8%
  • Unplug accessories with bullets

Woodpecker is one of the most powerful Free Fire weapons because of its high rate of fire, damage, range, and magazine size. Garena feels like it was too strong, causing gameplay imbalance. Therefore, the development team decided to reduce its rate of fire and the location of its magazine attachment. Now you should pay attention to the amount of ammo when using Woodpecker.

The above is Most prominent weapon changes in Free Fire OB26. Do you like these changes?

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