Everything you need to know about Free Fire: Elite Pass Season 35

What’s hot about Free Fire Elite Pass or season 35 infinity card in Free Fire? Here’s everything you need to know about Free Fire Elite Pass Season 35 Upcoming.

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 32

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Everything you need to know about Free Fire: Elite Pass Season 35

What is Elite Pass in Free Fire?

Elite Pass – The infinity card is the Battle Pass version of Free Fire. It is a level based system that rewards players upon reaching a certain level, also known as Badge. Players upgrade their Badge by completing quests to unlock new items. Rewards can include character packs, emotes, weapon skins, and other equipment. Each Elite Pass will only appear within 1 month. In other words, Garena will change them from month to month.

The price of the Elite Pass in Free Fire

The Elite Pass is not free. Every player has access to the Normal Pass (which offers prizes at lower levels). To unlock the Elite Pass, you must purchase it with diamonds or register with Free Fire according to the season. Another option is to pre-book a Pass for additional rewards.

Pre-order Free Fire Elite Pass

The Elite Pass in Free Fire has two price points:

  • Elite Pass: Pass only – 499 diamonds
  • Elite Bundle: Pass + exclusive packages & other items + 50 badges or pre-order Elite Pass – 999 diamonds

Free Fire Elite Pass Season 35 ‘Children Of The Night’

Free Fire Elite Pass This season will be themed with vampires. However, unlike previous demon bat seasons, Season 35 outfits and accessories will be in a “punk” style. Similar to every other Elite Pass, its expected price is still 600 diamonds for a double price – 12,000 diamonds for those who pre-order. Buyers of Free Fire season 35 infinity card during pre-order will receive an exclusive skin loot box – Sons of the Night.

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Free Fire infinity card season 35

If you are a collector, you should pre-order this colored Free Fire infinity card because they will never be “restocked”. The pre-order for Free Fire Elite Pass Season 35 ‘Children Of The Night’ starts from March 29, 2021.

Highlights of Free Fire Elite Pass Season 35 ‘Children Of The Night’

Here is the outstanding set of clothes in the Free Fire 4/2021 patch for male and female characters. Costume set includes hat, pants, shoes, jacket and mask. Both have the same black, red, and white palette with the best part being the hood and jacket.

The suit in Free Fire's Season 35 Infinity Card

In addition to the skin, Free Fire players can also get other items under this theme such as: Thompson weapon skin, jeep, backpack, loot box, avatar and banner.

Equipment in Season 35 Infinity Card of Free Fire

Those who have not purchased Season 35 Infinity Pass can obtain the basic equipment from the Free Pass by completing quests. Featured items you can get in Free Pass, including dark sweatshirts, gold, banners, pet food, gold & diamonds tickets, box fragment, discount card, MP40 Poison Fang token box, machine sweep, awakened fragments. As usual, the maximum level of this Pass is 225.

Accessories for Free Pass in Season 35 Infinity Pass of Free Fire

What is Free Fire Elite Pass Season 33 – 2/2021?

Although Free Fire season 32 Elite Pass has just started, some images of the next season in February 2021 have been leaked. Check out the video below for more details on Free Fire Elite Pass Season 32:

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