Tips to make it easy to become a master in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

How to play and win in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) Not difficult if you know the secrets of PUBG players below.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is the pioneering game for the “wave” survival shooter. Since its launch, it has created a fever on PC. The joy of victory in this mortal war will make you unforgettable because you truly become an elite warrior when you overcome all the tough challenges of PUBG. At first, PUBG can drive you crazy because you keep dying all the time. However, over time, if you work hard to “plow”, you will realize it is one of the most interesting and rewarding games in the past few years. Your start will be more pleasant if you know these PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds game tips down here:

Tips to become a master in the game PUBG

1. Location wise

Choosing a landing location far from the center helps you live longer before you can fight

Like other Royale games, each battle in PUBG starts with 100 players parachuting from an airplane onto an island. Based on the trajectory of the plane, you must choose where to land through the map.

Jump timing and landing position are crucial to getting off to a good start. If you choose a landing area in the city, not far from the flight path, you will likely have to confront dozens of other players immediately. Instead, if you choose a middle position somewhere, with the original “poor” equipment, you don’t have to worry about running away from your opponents and can move to the nearest town more safely.

Ideally you should choose to shoot groups of small satellites or stables on your way to the airport. The farther your position is from the flight path, the less people will look at and the longer you will have to fight. You will have a peaceful time to relax and get used to the gameplay.

2. Don’t be afraid to check for crowded falling spots

If the whole game, you try to ignore all encounters, avoid conflicts and sneak into the top 10 in your own way, you probably won’t be able to get past the final fierce gunfight. The only way to help you learn how to survive in a one-on-one war is to experience it yourself from time to time.

Take the time to get used to maneuvering, looting, and exploring maps. Then throw yourself in a bloody battle by falling in one of the major cities near the center of the map. It’s hard to avoid losing in a few matches, but they will help you improve your skills and become stronger.

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3. Prioritize loot

Pick up items in PUBG

Robbing is a skill to learn and improve when playing PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. You have to move fast, absolutely do not stay in one place for too long because the playing area will narrow down before you find all the necessary items and solve the current difficulty.

The first thing you should do after each landing is to equip yourself with anything that can be fought or defended. Because no one wants to be caught in a gunfight with nothing in hand, except a pan or a punch, right? Once you have guns and ammunition, look for armor and helmets. First aid supplies are needed immediately, so pick up your backpack if you see them on the road. Upgrade your helmet, backpack, and armor if you go past level 2 or 3. And if your armor or helmet is damaged, even at level three, choose a level 1 replacement that doesn’t hurt harm will be safer.

In the first few matches, especially those who land far from the center, try to practice robbing, picking up items faster and faster.

4. Find a partner or create a tactical team

Form a combat team in PUBG

People often say “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”. So is the world of PUBG. You’ll have a hard start by groping in this hostile world by yourself. Instead, find a partner or team up to fight side by side. Collective activity is always beneficial. They will share with you useful gaming tips for later use. In addition, a group gathering items, surveying the enemy, discussing strategies and fighting against a large enemy army is always easier to win than “single-handedness, poison”.

5. Positioning is usually better than looting

There’s nothing more frustrating than playing PUBG that falls into an area full of great items (such as a Karabiner 98 rifle with an 8x range). “Fat has come to the mouth” but only to die outside the playground.

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You have 5 minutes to “loot” at the landing position before the playing area starts to narrow. Those 5 minutes passed very quickly, especially when there were plentiful looters. Choosing which weapon will be extremely difficult for you. If you are far from the next play area, you will need to find a car or start running early so you won’t get overwhelmed by your opponent on all the “delicious” weapons.

In this case, you have to choose between fully equipped or continuously chasing the next area. Sometimes, looting enough stuff and putting yourself in a better position than your opponent is about to face is more beneficial, rather than getting an end to the sniper who is ready to kill you.

Gun fights often attract a lot of attention, especially towards the end of the game. If you have the equipment to stretch the rest of the game, it’s best not to be greedy. Instead, get closer and identify the “prey”. Chances are, some of your opponents didn’t find the best loot at the landing position.

6. Know when to fight, when to run away

Pick the right moment of action when playing PUBG

Owning a gun with an 8x scope and seeing your opponent in line doesn’t mean you should shoot them. If you miss the shot, you could be spotted by someone else or killed. So if you’re unsure then don’t shoot, let them go.

There is no shame in choosing the war in PUBG. Knowing when to fight and run is one of the factors determining whether to enter the top 10 or die early.

For example, if you hide yourself and observe someone entering your building, you can hit them upside down and arrest them quickly. Conversely, if you accidentally reveal a trace when they enter the house, they can still assassinate you or throw a grenade to destroy the whole building, enough to cause you to die instantly.

7. Sound is extremely important

Sound is one of PUBG’s most valuable resources. Not only can you hear the footsteps of nearby enemies, but also the sound of collisions and cracks when fired by bullets. They will tell you where the shot came from. You can hear the door open, pull the trigger, even notice when someone breaks the window … You can learn a lot of things around just by listening. Therefore, don’t be afraid to wear headphones and turn down the volume a bit.

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On the contrary, you should also be aware of the sounds you make. Want to move more gently, not necessarily threading. However, walking barefoot can sometimes help. Stroke is also suitable (press Ctrl key when threading).

8. Zig zag move

If you accidentally get hit by a bullet, sneaking behind something between you and the shooter like a mountainside, a car … can save your life. However, when outdoors, it’s best not to let that happen. Run very fast. Note, don’t just run in a straight line. Zig zag can help you to fool your opponent.

After disguising yourself and healing your wound, think about choosing to fight or escape.

9. Run faster without weapons

The secret to hitting fast, winning fast in PUBG

You will often find yourself out of the play area when you experience PUBG. In order to survive, you can just run. You will do so when in doubt. Drink energy drinks, relieve pain and run as fast as you can. You will run slower when carrying the weapon with you and will most likely encounter other players. You will run a lot faster if you remove them. A little risky, but sometimes very helpful.

10. The terrain can be a good hiding place like a building or a wall

Tips to play PUBG quickly win

High buildings or walls in PUBG are usually a pretty good place to survive, especially when you can cover the only entrance. However, this action has many potential risks. A properly positioned grenade can end your game in no time. And if someone knows where you are, they just need to wait for you at the exit to ambush. If you are looking for a good location to hide for a while, try to find a hill, low-lying area or mountain slope … These are the places where opponents can hardly hit you. This action will give you a solid shield, sometimes even better than a building.

Hope the tips play PUBG Above will help you overcome all challenges of this super “hot” survival shooter series.

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