TOP Strong Pokemon in Sword & Shield

Not like previous generations, Pokemon in Sword & Shield continuously adjusted and balanced. As a result, the best-performing Pokemon for this season may either not be strong next season or be banned entirely. If you want to dominate online matches in Pokémon Sword & Shield, here is a list of the best Pokemon right now.

Pokemon Sword Pokemon Shield

TOP Strong Pokemon in Sword & Shield

10. Snorlax

Pokemon Snorlax

Snorlax is always a formidable opponent in every match. With high defense, special attack and great HP, Snorlax is a Pokemon that not only takes good damage but also deals great damage.

9. Charizard

Pokemon Charizard

If you are not Dynamixing Charizard, then you are using it incorrectly. Potential power, Solar Power is enhanced by Max Flare that amplifies the solar effect for all 5 turns. Combining these two abilities ensures that every action using Charizard’s special attack power deals great damage. Throw Max Airstream up and Charizard moves quickly to use the first move. This makes it the ideal Pokemon for wiping out an entire squad.

8. Azumarill

Pokemon Azumarill

Azumarill is useful Pokemon at important moments in the match to finish off opponents or to aid friends. It both deals damage and blocks well thanks to its above average defense, and its Huge Power is almost twice the size of Attack. Azumarill is even more powerful thanks to Belly Drum. It allows Azumaril to prepare to strike in order to take down his opponent after a few turns.

7. Ferrothorn

Pokemon Ferrothorn

Ferrothorn has only two weaknesses – Fire and Fighting. Like Snorlax, Ferrothorn was designed to craft battle and break the squad based on Sweeper. Combining Iron Barbs and Leftovers prevents it from being destroyed even without a recovery move. Ferrothorn’s Protect ability increases its endurance in all attacks. Put Ferrothorn in formation with the Trick Room and Ferrothorn will transform from a giant wall Pokemon into a formidable Physical Sweeper.

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6. Rhyperior

Pokemon Rhyperior

If you’re up against a roster of strong Physical Pokemon, Rhyperior is the perfect solution. Its attack and defense stats make it a “nightmare” for Pokemon that depend on attack. With Dynamax, Rhyperior will gain a significant amount of HP, making it harder to take down.

5. Aegislash

Pokemon Aegislash

4. Hydreigon

Pokemon Hydreigon

3. Primarina

Pokemon Primarina

2. Dracozolt

Pokemon Dracozolt

1. Urshifu (Rapid Attack Type)

Pokemon Urshifu

The above is TOP Pokemon is highly competitive and is currently the strongest rated Pokémon Sword and Shield game. Hope the article is useful to you.

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