How to play Minecraft in LAN

How to play LAN Minecraft like? Let’s find out with how to play Minecraft with friends over LAN Please!

How to play Minecraft over LAN

Minecraft is the best rated open world building game of all time. Although it has been released for a long time and there are now many follow-up games with equally attractive gameplay, Minecraft still “standing firmly” in the list of the best games of all time. Why so? All thanks to the creative gameplay, allowing players to unleash everything they want from building houses, castles to the dream world. Not only that, the game also continuously adds new game modes, from survival to creativity and many new elements so that players never get bored.

Especially, Minecraft also offers the option of creating a local server for a player’s own world. Thanks to it, you can invite friends and relatives to play the same game. Play Minecraft will be much more interesting and attractive when you do it. Here’s everything you need to know about how to play Minecraft on LAN.

Configure the server when sharing a Wi-Fi or LAN network with other players

If you are in a place with many computers stacked together and all share Wi-Fi or LAN (connected by cable), then this setting will be right for you.

Windows: On the PC launch the server, open the menu Start and enter CMD in the search field to open this program.

Open CMD

In the window that opens, enter ipconfig and press Enter. Find the internal IP, starting with 192.168. *. * , For example, (yours will be someone else’s), and copy it.

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Configure Windows IP

MacOS: To find Local IP, open Terminal, type ifconfig | grep inet go to the window and find the IP that starts with 192.168. *. * and copy it.

Configure IP configuration on Mac

Now open TLauncher, select the version containing TL icon and run Minecraft game (you should log in with TLauncher account). If you choose the version without TL icon, you cannot connect to the server without Mojang’s license.

Mod version with TL

Go to your world and stay on the menu Pause (Esc), click Open to LAN. You will get the message to successfully open the server as well as the gateway to that server, for example: 31790.

Open a local server to play Minecraft

Now on the PC needs to be connected to the server, you can also open that version with TL icon (the game version must be the same on the first PC), to Multiplayer, open Direct connect.

Now enter the received IP address & port code, for example: If everything is fine, the connection will be established. Now you can play Minecraft on that server with your friends.

Play Minecraft with friends over LAN

Configure the server when playing Minecraft over the Internet with others using Hamachi

You can refer to How to play Minecraft with Hamachi at

Set up a local Minecraft server using Mod

After configuring the server to play Minecraft in the same LAN or using Hamachi, you can install the mod to play with your friends easily.

Install on all clients the same mod. Note that everything must be identical, even the version must be the same. Remember, that version will appear with the TL icon.

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Select the Minecraft mod you want to install

Now create and connect to that server according to the instructions above, depending on your network.

How to fix common problems when playing Minecraft on LAN

Invalid Session or Check User Name error when connecting to the server

You need to run the version with the TL icon (if not, you’ll need a license). If that version is already running, check that it is enabled Account Management -> Use TLauncher skins or not (in launcher).

Error “ $ AnnotatedConnectException: Connection time out: no further information” when connecting the server

Minecraft cannot find the server information so the network configuration is wrong. Try disabling the anti-virus software and firewall on the server or reconfigure it.

Error 1.14.2: Bad packet ID 26; 1.13.2: Bad packet ID 27; 1.7.10: is stuck on Logging in … or received string length longer than maximum allowed

The length of your nickname is more than 16 characters, you need to make it shorter.

When connecting to the server, a download screen appears but then immediately disconnects

The network configuration was correct, but the antivirus and firewall were disconnected. Please disable or reconfigure them accordingly.

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