Even Ant-man and Wasp are “crazy” for the World Cup

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Currently, the World Cup is still a hot topic and most interested by family members. It is a movie that was released in theaters during the time of the event World Cup, Ant Man and the Wasp Also can’t miss the opportunity to propagate the movie along with the hottest world football tournament on the planet. So, although the release date is approaching, but recently Marvel still quickly released a new series of posters of Ant Man and the Wasp Themed World Cup.


As a “blockbuster” about superheroes, fans are also looking forward to it Avengers: Infinity War, Ant Man and the Wasp nice Ant-Man 2 continues to tell about the battle journey of Scott Lang. He is currently under house arrest following the events in Civil War, at the same time living a parallel life as a normal father, loving his daughter and a superhero in the “Ant-Man” suit. However, in this part 2, the “halo” of Ant Man maybe share less with her partner Hope van Dyne – Wasp. The two will work together throughout the film to fight the villain.


In the new posters, Ant Man seems to be very comfortable zooming in and out of his size to be able to “own” the whole pitch. And of course, the presence of Wasp of the superhero side. Although currently, the most unique ability of Ant-Man shown through the trailers is to change size, even turning the small body into nano-sized. But surely, the superhero still possesses many other formidable “skills” that will be revealed on the big screen in the upcoming part 2.

In addition, currently the early screening of the film is receiving a lot of praise from the audience, along with positive reviews from critics. On the popular movie review site Rotten Tomatoes, Ant Man and the Wasp achieved the number of good responses up to 90%, certified as “Certified Fresh”, MTC gave it a score of 70/100 (out of 29 reviews, there were 22 positive reviews, 7 good reviews and temporarily no words). damn it). That is a good sign for the film when it has not been officially released to a large audience.


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