Epic7 RPG with Anime style officially launched to players

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First introduced in 2016 in partnership with Smilegate, Epic 7 is a role-playing game developed by Super Creative Korea. Epic7 is designed with a horizontal screen, 2D images. Players will play the role of female warriors, participating in thrilling battles.


Similar to the mobile games online of the same kind, Epic7 provides gamers with features such as Transferring (Exchange), Artifact (Collect items). The game owns 200 different characters, each of these characters has their own fighting ability and can evolve to a higher level, above all the characters are designed in the style of Japanese anime and endless. equally hot.


After many images and information about gamers, on August 30, this game was officially on shelves in the Korean region and will soon be available globally. Quality game title RPG This game has attracted a large number of world gamers, just opened registration on August 27, but the number has reached 1 million people enough to prove its attractiveness, and in the near future, Epic will surely 7 will also make an impression with unbelievable numbers.

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