PUBG Mobile: Want to be a Pro, just follow these simple tips

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Many people think that becoming a PRO gamer in PUBG Mobile requires superior fighting skills and extensive tactical experience in the game, but you don’t know that PRO gamers just need to pay attention to things. The smallest in the game and perform these tips exactly, to do these things is not complicated at all, on the contrary, it is very simple.

Remember that you just need to apply them exactly each time in the game, has gathered the following simple tips for you to remember and implement when playing PUBG Mobile, please follow these tips as What?

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PUBG Mobile: Combine simple tips to become Pro in the game

1. Note when checking houses with stairs

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This is extremely dangerous when you enter buildings with upper floors, you cannot know what is waiting upstairs because if there are enemies, they will hear your footsteps downstairs. and will sit quietly upstairs to wait. And the enemy will gain full advantage when standing from the stairs and attacking down.

Experience for you is that when entering the house, you should check out all the areas downstairs. If they show signs of looting then the enemy is most likely still on the floor, and just waiting for you to show your face is “euphoria”, you should prepare a few stunned pomegranates if you suspect the person The enemy is still on the floor waiting for you. Just throw it up, the enemy will be temporarily blind and then hurry up and run to give them bronze candy.

2. Always wear a helmet and armor

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This is a must, although in the game you won’t always be able to earn level 3 armor and helmets as soon as you set foot on the map, but pick up any armor or helmets you find, better than you. Go man or woman, because even if you have good weapons and accessories without protection, when you meet the enemy you will die very quickly.

They only need an SMG and put a few capsules in your head and you’re gone, so don’t forget to equip yourself with protective gear, and more importantly, you should replace a ruined LV3 hat. with a brand new LV1 hat, because at that time it was even more protective than the LV3 hat.

3. Use Bandage suitable for the situation

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This recovery item is less favored by gamers and in your backpack, however, if you can’t find a First Aid Kit or Med Kit then you should use a Bandage, and even if you already have two recovery items. For quick clothes above, you should also keep some Bandage.

Because in case you have just fought and lost a small amount of health, while the surrounding enemies are gone, you should use Bandage to save First Aid Kit and Med Kit, although Bandage costs time but in this case you should.

4. Take advantage of the 3rd perspective

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This maybe many gamers do not know how to use it to observe every angle around, in this 3rd perspective, you will have the unexpected advantage of standing in the corner of the house, rotating vision in all directions to See if an enemy is moving outside.

Or stand at a tree or a rock and rotate the mouse to the sides to track the enemy without fear of revealing your position and do not forget that the enemy can also use this advantage to spy on you.

5. Don’t be in a hurry to kill the enemy

PUBG Mobile Pro

In Duo or Squad mode, you will not completely destroy the enemy like in Solo mode but they will be knocked down and wait for your teammates to come to your rescue, now do not rush to destroy the enemy, if you have Scope Just hide there and wait to see if any comrades come to save them.

If so, let their teammates approach and destroy the remaining arrows, just notice that the direction of the knocked down’s crawl and look in that direction to track down the other, because usually they will crawl to the nearest ally to ask for help, but if they crawl into the cover, then destroy.

6. Dominant when using upper floors to camp

PUBG Mobile Pro

If you are upstairs then you should use an AR that has Scope X4 poured onto the camp, accompanied by a Shotgun for the enemy to infiltrate into the house. In addition, when on the upper floor, standing in the corner you can have a more general view of the outside situation.

Experience for you is not to camp in any house but around the hills, where the enemy can observe every place you stand on the 2nd floor, and you do not know the enemy is standing on the cliff and looking down, If you fall into such a situation, chances are that it will be when you will lose blood without knowing it.

7. Use weapons appropriate for the situation

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This is probably the only player who will not know it, if you are in a building, Shotgun or SMG is the most suitable, and if you are out on the street, the Assault Rifle will be the choice. top, and if at long range there is nothing like Sniper Rifle, but with the Mobile version of PUBG, the AKM will be suitable when you are fighting outdoors and attacking long range.

8. Take advantage of autorun mode

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If you search forever without any means of transportation, you should use your “two-legged” vehicle to move, the autorun mode will help you move quickly without much action, just drag the button The joystick comes up along to activate this mode. While running, you can look around, if you encounter enemy attacks, try to jump, or move in a zigzag style to make it difficult for the enemy.

9. No rush when destroying targets at long distances

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Many gamers, when using Assault Rifle with long-range Scope, will not stay calm, but keep aiming and firing continuously at enemies that are far away, at this time the enemy will detect you are aiming at you while you are move, they will use all means to move quickly to cover, and you just keep firing in a continuous “fan” manner hoping that the bullets will hit the target.

That is not a very good plan, at this time, you should calculate and accurately adjust the gun center on the target and select Single shot mode (one by one) and focus on their movements to declare fire. Surely the enemy will be defeated after only 4-5 shots.

10. Do not use the car as cover or cover

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You are moving and being attacked, forcing you to get off the car and find a hiding place, do not hide right behind the car, it is not safe at all when the enemy can continuously fire. car, it will explode and it is inevitable that you are transported to the lobby, not to mention every car in PUBG Mobile is not fully shielded for you. The enemy will use it to attack you to death.

11. Shoot the tires exploded

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This tip is a bit difficult, if you have good aiming skill with Scope, use this plan, when detecting an enemy driving across your line of sight, hit the tire and shoot at it. , the car will run slower and at this time you will easily shoot and destroy more than the enemy sitting in it.

If in doubt, shoot at the driving enemy, because if the shot does not hit the tire, the bullets will go into the body of the vehicle and the enemy will know they are being attacked, if it is a team, they will get off. find friends, and if there is only one, they will run away in a “drunk driving” style to avoid being hit by the vehicle.

12. Move wisely and avoid the bombing zone

Movement is one of the important factors that contribute to the player to win in the end. However, if you want to play PUBG Mobile well, you also need to avoid the bombing zone (marked with red circles), also known as Red Zone.

Bombing zone in PUBG Mobile

Every time a certain amount of time and in a certain area, will appear a small red circle, marking the bombing area. If you are in this area, it is best to find a house to hide in and wait for the time to pass. If not, we should find a way to quickly leave so as not to die unjustly.

13. Setting up is very important

How to shoot PUBG well

You can’t get into the game and hope for a big victory if you don’t know how to set it up wisely. You can optimize the graphics for a lag-free experience, turn on Aim Assist for easier aiming and choose to use the gyroscope. In addition, the option to keep the third and first perspective modes also makes the PUBG Mobile experience more player-friendly. You can also adjust the size and position of the controls to maintain a smooth gameplay.

14. Use headphones

Want to know how to play PUBG wellPlease use a headset. This trick will help you determine the enemy’s direction better than when using the speakerphone. When wearing headphones, you easily recognize the soft sound of footsteps, gunshots from afar, and more.

Above are a few simple tips to help you win the TOP one of PUBG Mobile, make sure these simple tips and you will see its effectiveness when applied in the right situation in the game. Surely you will get TOP 1 easily.

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