E3 2018 – Rage 2 “boiling blood” with crazy shooting

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E3 2018 kicked off with the event of EA and Microsoft, launching a series of terrible trailers.. Although not as many games as the above names, but Bethesda has some of the best names in the world.. Sadly Rage isn’t among them. When released many years ago, the game was disappointing with a ton of bugs, the gameplay was not very special and the gameplay was not outstanding.


But this year is different.. Rage will return with part 2, more explosive, more crazy, more playable, and more Metallic. Not believe? You can immediately watch the gameplay of Rage 2 right now:

Rage 2 will begin with an open-world environment where players take on the role of Walker – the last “Ranger” alive. In the game, players can control any vehicle they see, from the Buggy with rockets on its back or a terrorist tank with a set of 4 cannons. But besides that, the main character also shows crazy power on his feet with countless skills and weapons. You can blast enemies into the air with your Boomerang and shoot them to pieces in midair.. you can rush into melee, kick them away and then rampage and blow them away with a Shotgun in the face.


Rage 2 Indeed one of the titles FPS Today’s most anticipated shows through what the trailer E3 2018 Impress. All information about Rage 2 and E3 2018 will be updated by Emergenceingame.Com for readers as soon as possible.​

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