E3 2018 – Fallout 76 and The Elder Scrolls 6 “pull the grenade” at the Bethesda . event

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Events of Bethesda officially opened at E3 2018 and immediately the gaming community was attracted by the sequel Fallout new name Fallout 76.. Controversial when it was rumored to bring the gameplay of an Online Game, going against the tradition of the series many years before, Fallout 76 became a big question mark for fans.


Now at E3 2018, Fallout 76 has officially announced and let gamers immerse themselves in a true network environment. With a map area 4 times larger than Fallout 4, the game will let players accompany their friends on the path of survival in a deadly post-apocalyptic world. However, being friendly is not the only way to solve the problem because gamers can also compete and threaten other players with their power. The climax in Fallout 76 is that gamers can drop atomic bombs on other players’ houses.

Fallout 76 is expected to release on PC, Xbox One and PS4 in November this year.

However, besides Fallout 76, Bethesda also gives gamers a first look with The Elder Scrolls 6 – the latest version of the series RPG cult with the promise of extending Skyrim’s success. Although it was not performed much, this is truly a happy news for the gaming community. In addition to The Elder Scrolls 6, this game company also offers The Elder Scrolls Blades – an ARPG game for Mobile with super graphics. With Blades gamers can participate in combat with countless different monsters, fight PvP with other players and even build their own town.​

In addition, Bethesda also speaks Starfield – a brand new game, a kickstart to the original series never before seen in Bethesda’s 25-year history. As mentioned, this is an original product that is not based on any famous game series before, so gamers will be able to look forward to a completely new experience.


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