Paste the Nintendo Switch skin, does PS4 heat up the device? Should and shouldn’t?

With some gamers just need basic enough to play, but others have high demands on beauty and aesthetics. So paste the skin Nintendo Switch or PS4 is born based on that beauty bridge, creating a distinct feature for your own game console. But the question is, will such a paste affect the machine? Does it scratch the cover or cause the device to overheat? Let’s try to find out!

Stickers nintendo switch skin should or not

Paste the Nintendo Switch skin and the PS4 skin paste do not heat up the device

The first thing nShop asserts to you is that pasting the Nintendo Switch skin or pasting the PS4 skin will not heat up your device any further. Why? Simply these two game consoles dissipate heat through air-dissipation mechanisms based on copper heatsinks and blowers. The heat dissipation is not based on the case, because the case is also made of plastic, so the heat dissipation property is not high.

ps4 skin stickers

From there, whether you paste the Nintendo Switch skin or paste the PS4 skin does not affect the inherent heat of the device. Heat is blown outward through the originally designed heatsinks. Adding a sticky skin over the outside had no effect on the radiant heat.

Nintendo Switch skin stickers

The only thing you need to keep in mind is that this article is talking about different skin stickers than glue stickers! When gluing (bring car stickers, laptop stickers, phone stickers …) Originally, the glueder would cover the glue and use the razor to trim the edging details. The most common case is during the trimming process, the gluer accidentally forgets the heat sink and air holes (Some people think sticking to … keep dust in). This is the main cause of overheating and damage in the future.

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So, will the Nintendo Switch skin and PS4 skin damage the case?

Many concerns with meticulous people: fear of scratches -> skin stickers -> When the skin is finished, it will cause scratches when removing the skin! Actually this is not without, for some kind of skin paste class “super” removal may cause the paint to peel off (For Nintendo Switch). This happens when you bring the device to the laptop, stick the car … because some of their glue samples are of the same standard to glue many different materials. (paste the wooden surface, the wall surface) should require extremely high grip.

How to paste the Nintendo Switch Zelda Skin

The specific Nintendo Switch skin is pre-molded without touching the blade or the lighter to catch fire when glued …

When gluing this glue onto your game console, it’s great when it comes to removing it “concerns”. This is even more extreme when you paste it off for a long time. So, if you have skin stickers, choose one Nintendo Switch stickers skin specially designed for the device and pre-stamped instead of bringing out. This also helps you to avoid risks such as machine scratches caused by the sticker’s razor blade line, and blotches caused by the glueder using a flame matcher to increase adhesion.

Stickers the more popular Nintendo Switch skin than PS4!

Many customers still wonder why the Nintendo Switch skin paste is more popular than the PS4, it is easy to understand that the Switch is like a Laptop and the PS4 is like a desktop PC. The paste “chives flower sesame” Bring out the beauty and personality for yourself, bringing it out will be more eye-catching while the PS4 which is inherently located in the corner of the living room, the PS4 skin paste is not necessary. Add gray or black colors Limited color PS4 Capital embodies the professionalism and elegance of the living room.


Hopefully this article will be useful for you intend to paste the Nintendo Switch and PS4 skin, less worry. Besides, in addition to pasting, nShop also sells all kinds of cases (bumper) for the Nintendo Switch with full print themes as vivid as the stickers skin for you to freely choose when you are still a little hesitant about sticking this skin!

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