Damn top 10 horror games based on real-life massacres (P2)

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“Based on a true story” is probably the most “divine” saying that makes a movie or game catch the attention of the audience. The boundary between the virtual world and reality is sometimes very thin because many products, which seem to be purely imaginary, are based on real-life events.



Albert Fish is one of the most notorious serial killers in American criminal history. He was once known as the “Gray Assassin”, “The Silver-Headed Old Man” or “the Brooklyn Vampire” for raping and eating up to 100 children.

Albert Fish was born in 1870 into an unusual family, with a 43-year age difference between his parents. Not only that, his father also has a history of mental illness, his mother has a paranoid disorder, his uncle is crazy, an older brother is locked in a mental institution, and his sister is also diagnosed with a mental disorder. After his father died, Fish was sent by his mother to the St. John’s relief camp, where he was regularly sexually abused. Living there until the age of 10, Fish got a stable job when his mother came to pick him up out of that dark place.

At the age of 12, Fish began a deviant relationship with a telegraph boy. From then on, he regularly went to public baths to stalk naked boys and wrote pornographic letters to girls who left addresses at marriage matchmaking websites. In 1890, Fish went to New York to work as a male prostitute and hunt down boys for rape. In 1898, he married a woman 9 years younger than him, then had 6 children. During this time, Fish continued to sexually abuse children, the victims are usually boys under the age of 6. Perhaps the turning point that completely ruined his life was when his wife left him, leaving him with six young children. Since then, he likes to torture himself and has an obsession with raw meat, even leaving a whole piece of raw meat for his children to eat. When he was arrested, he confessed to raping and killing hundreds of children. Finally, Fish received the death sentence in the electric chair, paying the price for the barbaric crimes he committed.

Masochisia will let players play the role of young Albert Fish. However, the game will delve into the psychological and twisted thoughts of the killer since he was a child, instead of just focusing on gore scenes.

Lizzie Borden: The PC Game


This first-person game is inspired by the case of Lizzie Borden – a woman accused of murdering both her biological father and stepmother with an ax. One day in early August 1892, the Borden family was in an uproar when they discovered that Andrew Borden and his wife Abby had both been killed with multiple ax cuts on their bodies. According to the investigation, the police suspected the culprit was the youngest daughter Lizzie Borden but could not find evidence to charge her. Before that, the Borden family had a dispute over the division of property. In anger, Mr. Borden beheaded several birds that Lizzie kept. Police also discovered many holes in the alibi that Lizzie provided, but in the end, she was found not guilty and released. The culprit is said to be another person who has successfully escaped. After the case, the two Borden sisters inherited an inheritance and bought a luxury house. Lizzie was active in the field of singing and died in 1927, aged 67.

Lizzie Borden: The PC Game sounds very promising, but unfortunately the game was abandoned midway, making fans extremely regretful because they couldn’t play the game.



The horror game Stairs puts the player in the role of an investigative journalist who decides to uncover the truth about the strange and unexplained disappearances of three people in the vicinity. The game is said to be inspired by the events of the Donner Party as well as the chainsaw massacre of the infamous murderer Ed Gein (for details about Ed Gein, readers can read part 1).

As for the Donner Party, for those who don’t know, it refers to a group of 90 people on their way to California who got stuck in the snow in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in 1846. Led by brothers Jacob and George Donner, the select group. took a shortcut to California and disaster struck. Isolated in harsh conditions, half of them died of starvation while the rest turned to cannibalism to survive. After their rescue, their story quickly spread, and it wasn’t long before the term “Donner Party” or “Donner Party” was used to refer to cannibals for a living.

Neverending Nightmares


It is a game built from the developer’s own experiences. Neverending Nightmares seems a bit off-topic on this list because it doesn’t mention any massacres at all, but the level of horror is “not average”. Neverending Nightmares lead developer Matt Gilgenbach used to deal with obsessive-compulsive disorder and major depression. True to the title, the player is trapped in a never-ending nightmare, it is like a cyclical loop, one after another has come. The twisted thoughts, compulsive worries, and mental oppressions that Matt Gilgenbach experienced are fully portrayed in this game. From the endless corridors, the haunting clatter of a grandfather’s watch to the bloody ax, a lot of the game’s details are directly inspired by Matt Gilgenbach’s old illness.

No. 70: Eye of Basir


The game takes the player to investigate the main character’s childhood home after his grandmother passed away. Aras and Erhan spent their childhood with their grandmother in house number 70, where mysterious things no one could explain. The objects in the house are often changed position, sometimes there are mysterious black shadows passing through the windows. One day, when Aras was passing by her room, he saw a small chest. He was about to open it but was caught by her, she got angry and hit Aras on the arm. She had never been so angry, and from then on, he would never see that chest again.

After the grandmother died, Aras and Erhan parted ways, each with their own lives. Twenty years have passed since that day, Erhan has become a renowned archaeologist and Aras is the creative director. One morning, Erhan realizes something is wrong and while trying to figure it out, he mysteriously disappears. Aras for a long time did not receive any news from Erhan, then decided to find out everything. Volkan Demir, game director, said: “The spooky things that happen in house number 70 are very familiar to everyone. The game is based on real events that have been passed on for decades.”​

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