The secret to winning the shooting mode in Free Fire

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Since the launch of the Death Race mode in Garena Free Fire has received enthusiastic support from gamers. This is Duo game mode for 40 people divided into 20 teams. Each team will have a driver, one person behind the gun.

Just like the traditional survival game, to win you must also survive to the end. In this Shooting Racing mode there is a slightly different point, the player must always stick with his car. So invite you to follow the 4 tips below to quickly win in the Death Racing mode of the game Garena Free Fire:

4 winning tips in Garena Free Fire shooting racing mode

Vehicle durability bar, blood bar

In Racing mode shooting, you need to pay attention to the durability bar index of the car, the health bar of the occupants. because only 1 of these 2 bars is 0, the team will lose. To increase the stats for 1 of these 2 bars, you have to loot the repair item or the first aid bag for the character.

Vehicle durability bar, blood bar

Upgrade package

In Death Race, players do not loot as usual, but upgrade packages will be scattered throughout the map, just drive through to receive them. The loot is divided into 3 categories according to Purple, Blue and Red, depending on the type of item will have different uses:

Weapon upgrade package:

Having red will bring 100 rifle bullets to the person in the back. When picking up the weapon upgrade package, players have a 50% chance to “life” their gun. The starting M4A1 gun will gradually be upgraded with a barrel, handle and magazine to level 3. In the final upgrade, M4A1 will turn into Groza, the most powerful rifle in the game.

Weapon upgrade package

Defense upgrade package:

Having green color gives player 1 healing bag. Each time picked up will have a 50% chance of getting higher level armor and helmets. At the top level, both the rider and the back seat have 3 helmets and 3 armor. If maxed out, the defensive upgrade package will increase the durability of the helmet and armor.

Vehicle upgrade package:

Vehicle Upgrade Package is the most special one, colored in purple. Upon picking up this package, the driver will receive a car repair box to restore 200 points for vehicle durability. In addition, players have a 65% chance of upgrading their vehicle with the following packages:

  • Car body shield upgrade: Reduces damage taken by 20%.
  • Acceleration box upgrade: Increased vehicle maximum speed by 65 and added acceleration skill.
  • Upgrading the front bumper of the vehicle: Increases damage when colliding with other vehicles by 50.

Upgrading the front bumper of the car

Switch positions

Death Race mode allows 2 players to switch positions via the switch. However, both players must agree to change seats for this action to be performed.

Choose your character

To win the Death Race, speed and damage resistance are also very important. You should choose Misha in the driver’s position, because of her fast driving ability. As for the shooting position, choose Andrew or Ford as the main gunman because Andrew has the ability to increase the durability of armor, while Ford helps reduce the damage from the blue circle.

Choose your character

Hopefully the above article will help you win the Death Race mode quickly. Wish you have fun playing the game!

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