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The article reveals the ending plot of Dragon Ball Super, readers consider before watching. If you haven’t watched it, you can also watch Ep 131 live here.

Dragon Ball Super – One of the most popular Anime series today, has officially ended its journey when the Tournament of Power found the winner. If you’ve watched the final episode of the series with your own eyes, you probably already know the fate of the people who have been attached to the Fan throughout the years.


When Jiren awakens with new strength thanks to Toppo’s encouragement, the game suddenly turns upside down. Bringing the divine power Jiren immediately cornered the warriors of Universe 7. But not because of that, all hope was lost when Frieza suddenly put aside personal interests to stand side by side Goku for the final battle. Not that there is support from Android 17 – who seemed to have died when sacrificing himself in the previous episodes.

But even Jiren’s insane power could not defeat the will of the 7th Universe warriors when Goku and Frieza joined forces to commit suicide against the enemy. As a result, Jiren, Goku, and Frieza all fell from the ring.. leaving Android 17 as the last survivor and thus the winner of the Tournament of Power.


However, it is worth mentioning that the Android 17 wish is fulfilled when in the position of the winner. Standing in front of the Dragon God Zalama, Android 17 wishes for all the Universes to be revived. bring back planets and civilizations that were destroyed in every world. For anyone other than Goku, perhaps we will have doubts about their purpose if we have a wish from Zalama himself – The entity that creates the Super Dragon Ball.. Indeed, standing in front of such a big wish like Therefore, few people can hold their heart before their personal desires, before their own desires. But with Android 17, which was born as a robot… he made a very human wish, which has probably grown over many years of hidden life that he feels inside his “heart” . That choice became even more beautiful when the Grand Priest revealed that if the victor made his wish for personal gain, Zeno would have erased everything.. But no, Android 17 made the choice. The path reflects the true humanity within.


That’s why in terms of meaning Dragon Ball Super surpasses every plot line we’ve ever seen in 7 Dragon Balls before, where it was not simply a familiar story with Goku overcoming his limits and defeating evil… But now it also brings a character with a meaning full of humanity many times more. .

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