Spot the “foggy” face of the emerging handsome male gods of the Legendary Era

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It is not an exaggeration to say that, in the midst of a series of fairy-tale games that are so familiar today, the Legendary Era suddenly became a “different factor” when possessing a mysterious Western-style plot and gameplay. characteristic “open”. Perhaps that is why the warrior cast of this game also makes a bold impression with its own attractive personality. If in doubt, just watching the Great God Era contest will partly understand the unique “features” of the new continent’s beauties.


Up to the present time, phase 1 of the contest has attracted a series of bright faces for the male god crown. The warriors of the Legendary Era not only have strong strength but also keep a poise, masculine beauty that attracts the eye. And just a few more days, phase 2 of the race to find the Great God will officially start (November 16 – November 29).


This is also the time Era of Legends community “total attack” voted on the landing to be able to choose the TOP 3 Great Gods – the owner of the iPhone 11 and countless other valuable rewards. In particular, the TOP 1 player with the most votes will also receive corresponding valuable gift packages from NPH Gamota.

For now, let’s take a look at some impressive male faces and don’t forget to vote for your favorite contestant!



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