New Pokemon movie has released a trailer to reveal a mysterious character

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  1. After all, what role will this mysterious blonde female character play in the development of the new movie?

    Pokemon is the series anime aired from April 1, 1997 to November 14, 2002, adapted from the series of the same name. Anime Pokemon Every year, a movie version is released to satisfy fans who have always loved this series. Today (December 11), the producer has released the latest trailer for the upcoming 2018 movie that promises to be even more attractive than the previous episodes. In the trailer, Ash and Pikachu was standing on a cliff in the sea when Ash’s hat was blown away by the wind and landed at the feet of a girl. The following scene, the blonde girl held a PokeBall in her hand and expressed surprise at that PokeBall. This will probably be closely related to the details that will take place later in the movies.
    This early year, Pokemon: I Choose You – 2017 anime film produced by OLM is a remake of the first episode in the anime series of the same name, to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its debut. The film tells the story of Ash’s first encounter with Pikachu As their journey begins, fans are reminded of their childhood memories of bonding with their uncles Pokemon. It can be seen that this comeback, the style of drawing the image of the boy Ash Ketchum has changed a lot from before. Not only that, there is also the appearance of Pokemon Lugia, surely the new movie script will have a lot of new and attractive elements. The anime is slated to premiere on July 13, 2018.
    New trailer of 2018 anime:


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