Tighten belts to save 2.5 billion to buy a new house, children at home donate all to streamer

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There is probably no shock more painful than when one fine day suddenly discovered that all the sweat and tears saved for so many years suddenly flew without wings. Not only that, the culprit is not a stranger, it’s his own broken-in-born daughter, can’t beat, scold, can’t finish. This is exactly the bitter story that Kim – a 48-year-old father in Korea had to go through when his son spent billions of dong at home to save money. donate give streamer.


In August when the Covid-19 epidemic was still complicated in Korea, the 11-year-old daughter was allowed to stay at home to avoid the epidemic. Because she has a lot of free time, she often goes to Hakuna Live – an app live streaming in Korea to see live stream, which allows audiences to use credit cards to buy “diamonds” (a form of donation similar to giving stars on Facebook) to give to their beloved streamers. In just about 10 days from August 3-12, 2020, the daughter used her mother’s mobile payment system to donate to a total of 35 streamers with an amount of up to 130 million won, equivalent to 2.5 billion VND.

“My wife doesn’t leave her phone password because she is blind and has brain damage,” Kim said. This is the money that he and his wife had to work very hard to get, planning to buy a new house for the whole family until the incident happened. He contacted all 35 streamers to request a refund. Some people have accepted to return it but there is still about 46 million won (more than 900 million) with no way to claim it back.


According to current Korean law, streamers are completely entitled not to refund because in Mr. Kim’s case, it was his wife who gave permission to use her phone without strict control. Donating to streamers is completely voluntary so there is nothing illegal here.

Although it is not a new story, but again, parents need to be very careful when letting their children use smartphones because just a little carelessness, not knowing what they can cause. . Don’t let unfortunate stories like this continue to happen.​

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