Download facebook photos, download Facebook images to PC, Laptop, phone

Downloading Facebook photos is similar to downloading facebook videos. If you download videos, users will save good, funny videos to review in their free time, then downloading photos helps users save many beautiful and diverse images of styles that are shared daily. There are many software and applications that support downloading facebook photos to your computer, and FBDownloader is one of them.

As can be seen on Facebook today, the number of videos as well as images shared daily is a lot. For that reason, users cannot take the time to watch each video and image in turn. At this point, users need to download Facebook videos as well facebook photo download back to the computer to review at other free time.

Download: Facebook Wallpaper

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A lot of software, applications are developed to support downloading photos, photo albums on Facebook to your computer quickly. In this article, will guide you how to facebook photo download by FBDownloader

Download facebook photos, download Facebook images to PC, Laptop, phone

Step 1: After downloading and installing on your computer, start the fbDownloader program.

If you do not have the software, you can download the latest version and install it here: download FBDownloader

At the first login you need to enter your Facebook account to sync between FBDownloader and Facebook


Step 2: Here you Click “Agree” to sync

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Step 3: After booting fbDownloader The interface will look like this:

Here there are many options for you to download images such as:

– Your taggered photos: Download your photos tagged by your friends

– All your photo albums: Download your entire Scene Album

– Your friends’ photos: Download photos of your friends.

You can also choose to download images in color or black and white by selecting “Colored” and “Black and White”

download album anh tren facebook 3 - Emergenceingame

Step 4: Here you choose “All your photo albums” to download all the photos in your Album to your computer. Afterward “Click to see your albums” to get photos from your Album

download album anh tren facebook 4 - Emergenceingame

Step 5: Then the program displays all your Albums on Facebook, here you choose the folder to save the photos then Click “Download Album” Let the program proceed to get your photos to your computer

download album anh tren facebook 5 - Emergenceingame

Step 6: Wait until completed, the program displays the number of images retrieved as shown below, click “OK” to finish

download album anh tren facebook 6 - Emergenceingame
So with just simple operations with fbDownloader software, you can download facebook photos, download photo albums of yourself or your friends to your computer already. There are also many other Facebook tricks available in that you can refer to to use Facebook more effectively.

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