How to play the game Yugi H5 for newbies

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Yugi H5 (Yugi HTML5) is card game Attractive magic, exclusively released in Vietnam by VNG. If you are curious and want to try this special game, you can refer to the article guide to playing card game Yugi H5 following of

YugiH5 in particular and some other Yu-gi games are card strategy games made in the style of the famous comic book King Game. The plot tells about the battle between good and evil, the battle of friendship, love, brotherhood and uplifting the values ​​of Truth – Compassion – America.

How to play Yugi H5 for newbies

Game Yugi H5

Step 1: You visit the homepage of the card game Yugi HTML5, then choose to log into the game with one of the two available accounts:

Login to the game Yugi H5

Step 2: Here, the writer chooses to login YugiH5 with your Zing account.

Sign in to your Zing account

Step 3: Enter the character’s name Yugi HTML5 in the frame Enter a nickname new then choose Agree under.

Enter the name of the character playing Yugi H5

Step 4: Select the server you want to play and click on the left mouse button Begin.

Select the server to play Yugi H5

Step 5: At the main interface of the game, select the item Adventure At the bottom right corner of the screen to enter the game.

Select Adventure mode to enter Yugi H5

Step 6: Select an opponent you want to play in the list that appears

Choosing the opponent to compete in Yugi H5

at the same time choose one of the opponent’s decks to play.

Select the Yugi H5 matching deck

Step 7: Click next Fight to enter Yugi H5.

Choose to Fight Yugi H5

Each level will have different winning conditions.

Winning conditions when playing Yugi H5

Step 8: This is the view of the game table, choose any one of the dealt cards to start. After selecting the cards and posture (attack or defense, trap), left-click End on the right hand side to complete and pass the turn to the other player.

Enter Yugi H5

From now on, you can play by yourself according to your habits and forte.

How to play Yugi H5 basic

When logging in for the first time, each player will receive a certain deck, which can be dragged through to see all the cards or click on any one card to see details of that card.

The Yugi H5 contest set

You can drop by Shop to purchase additional cards and add them to your main deck by:

  • Select the type of card to add from the list on the left
  • Left-click a card to add
  • Hold and drag it downwards (main deck section)

Added new cards in Yugi H5

Click on the card you want to play, hold and drag it upwards.

Drag and drop cards to play in Yugi H5

Compare the level’s scores Attack and Defense of the cards I have and the opponent’s card. Depending on this stat, you can choose a playing position for the selected card, specifically:

  • If the index Attack higher, leave the card intact and select End on the left to put the card in the attack position.
  • If the index Attack lower, index Defense higher, click on the card again to turn it sideways, creating a Defense stance.
  • If both stats are lower than the opponent, accept to lose the card and lose the corresponding amount of points.

Recognizing the attack stats of the Yugi H5 card

If it’s like that AttackClick on your card, hold and drag it to the opponent’s card to execute an attack. The attack ends, the loser’s card disappears, the winner’s card remains on the board.

Attacking the opponent in Yugi H5

If the card is like that PrimeYou will be passive and the enemy attacks. Attack ends, if your Defense score is higher than your opponent’s Attack point, your card will stay the same.

Defense selection in Yugi H5

If you are lucky enough to have cards of 5 or higher level (extremely rare and very powerful cards), to be able to use and put these cards into play, the player needs to sacrifice a card. Other (not yet played).

Sacrifice cards for high-end star cards

Card Fusion can make an invincible card, however, materials will be required for that card.

Combining the cards in Yugi H5

Select the Fusion card first and then select 2 material cards to proceed.

Ingredients fusion Yugi H5

After winning, players will receive the notification as below.

Win against Yugi H5

That is all detailed instructions on how to play Yugi H5 card game on the computer – one of the very attractive intellectual games that are very popular today.

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