Dota 2: Where has Puck gone?

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Puck is the first hero with a “million dollar” stun. It was s4, he used Dream Coil at TI3 to help Alliance beat Na`Vi in the final. Present, Puck has the second lowest win rate in the rankings, just above Lone Druid. This hero has been buffed quite a lot in the past patches, but the important change in his ultimate plus the meta transformation has made Puck almost ‘waste’ in the mid and late game. As a hero that requires high playing skills, pub’s win rate in Puck was always low even when it was the top pick in the meta. But now she is officially in the ‘garbage dump’ of all levels of the game.

Out of the 148 games of the TI8 group stage, Puck got picked twice and lost both. This hero was almost ignored in the main tournament – ​​neither picked nor banned. After TI8, the most prominent event was the DreamLeague Minor qualifier where the teams picked Puck 3 out of 94 matches and also didn’t win a game.

STRONGLY catching up with META

With the return of dual lane, solo mid, and lane focus, Puck may be considered a suitable option. But let’s take a look at the mid heroes at TI8. Popular picks in the main tournament of TI8 include heroes like Alchemist, Tiny, Pugna, Invoker, Lina, Necrophos and sometimes Storm Spirit. These are core champions that not only compete well against Puckbut also transitions well into the mid-game.

The power of Puck lies in the difficulty of chasing, the laning phase, and the early burst damage. Being a hero that can dominate the early game but hard to do for the rest of the game. Puck similar to another stable mid hero from the past – Queen of Pain. Puck There is no additional damage after launching Orb and Waning Rift so this hero is difficult to develop in the later stages of the game. Not to mention since Dream Coil no longer deals initial damage Puck No longer burst damage as strong as before.

Dream Coil no longer deals head damage on cast, greatly weakening this ultilmate

Heroes like Pugna have stronger bursts of magic damage with lower cooldowns, and Pugna can pressure turrets. Queen of Pain does not need to farm Blink Dagger, and has higher Agility to convert to physical damage. Even so, QoP is still not in the current meta.

PUCK’S Abilities

While the influence of other heroes increases with his items, Puck’s main items focus on his survivability. Blink Dagger and Eul’s Scepter are worth 4.7k gold but are quickly useless. And it often helps Puck Surviving the last of the phases, simply not being able to do Phase Shift is not enough, especially when this ability is not prioritized to raise first.

Puck’s win rate has not been over 40% for a long time.

Puck overwhelmingly in the past, when support heroes had too few tools to protect themselves from burst spells. They now have the Glimmer Cape, the magic resist perk in Strength, and the survivability talents. Damage of Puck peaks when maxing Rift and Orb, then gradually decreases as the opponent has started to build up in time to increase survivability.

To be able to burst high damage, players must aim for items that increase magic damage like Veil and Dagon. This is a sign that Puck not strong enough to do core. Dream Coil is no longer a good initiator, and Puck cannot depend on the remaining moves.


Teams with a high chance of being reborn Puck in the pro arena can be Evil Geniuses, possessing two specialists Puck are Sumail and S4. Selected EG Puck last for Sumail, four months ago in the TI8 qualifier against compLexity, with a roster that featured multiple Dream Coil combos – Elder Titan’s Stomp and Blodseeker’s Bloodrite. EG also picked last Puck again – this time for S4 – at the Summit qualifier against Fnatic. That time, EG lost, and S4 was about to create a breath of fresh air with Rapier, MKB, and the Rapid Fire talent for Puck.

‘s skill set Puck strong, but it’s just not the right time. Whether buffing more damage to this hero or increasing silence duration, Puck also difficult to use. Looking at the trend of patches, Valve is constantly focusing on the strength of the early game Puck. Puck’s base damage, 53-64, is one of the highest early game heroes. In 7.17 and 7.19, Waning Rift silence increased significantly from 0.75/1.5/2.25/3 to 2/2.5/3/3.5 – 267% increase in silence duration at level 1. But it didn’t help Puck at all. .


Teams can try Puck in a more optimized roster, or a new patch with significant changes will help Puck shine again. Chances are high is the talent as well as the skill of Puck will be reworked to catch up with the meta. Buffing the magic damage talent can increase the hero’s hotness, or the Dream Coil reverting back to before, with some damage adjustments. We have to wait a little longer when 7.20 is officially released.

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