Dota 2: Team Secret Becomes ESL One Hamburg Champion 2018

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The 2018 ESL One Hamburg Final was an intense BO5 match between Team Secret and Vici Gaming. Both have defeated and now face each other.

Game 1 was completely tilted to one side – Secret took the lead and didn’t let the opponent catch up, until Vici began to develop the team’s teamfight potential. In every fight, things were leaning in favor of the Chinese team and things were looking dire for Secret – but Puppey wasn’t ready to give up. Secret regained the advantage and defeated Vici, forcing the opponent to type GG.

Game 2 is full of team fights: both have great lineups with good combos. The game lasted for over an hour with several successful stunts. Regrettably, Secret could not stand and to equalize 1-1.

Secret couldn’t find an early game advantage after that and Paparazi’s Luna tore Secret to pieces. From start to finish, Vici controlled the game and temporarily led 2-1. Cornered, Secret fought back and equalized thanks to Nisha’s Terrorblade playing too well. With the support of her teammates and the inability to be killed, Nisha takes the series to a decisive 5th game.

The full 5-game finale is a great way to end ESL One Hamburg – and the final game is truly not to be missed. Things were fairly even for 20 minutes but Vici’s Roshan hunt made a big difference. With 4 heroes in the pit, zai’s Magnus launched Reverse Polarity to team all members of Vici, and win Aegis for Secret. After that, Vici gradually disappeared and could not find a solution.

Vici no longer has the opportunity to come back when Secret makes good use of its advantage. GG was typed from Vici Gaming less than 40 minutes into the game, having to take the runner-up position at ESL One Hamburg 2018.

Team Secret is the champion of ESL One Hamburg 2018 and the MVP award is a Mercedes Benz that belongs to Yeik ‘MidOne’ Nai Zheng.

Now, everyone is focusing on the DeamLeague Season 10 Minor that will take place today.

According to vpesports

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