Dota 2 update 7.29: Analysis of general gameplay changes

Dota 2 Phan tich thay doi gameplay update 7.29 3 - Emergenceingame

Let’s analyze how the general changes of update 7.29 will affect Dota 2 gameplay!

1. Water Rune

Add Water Runes. Appears at Power Rune locations for only 2 and 4 minutes. Instantly heals for 100 health and 80 mana when cast. Can be used to restore bottles. Starting at 6 minutes, Power Runes appear as usual on one side.

Water Rune somewhat reduces the difference it used to be in mid. In the past, power runes can completely change the layout of the match depending on what runes the player picks up at 4 minutes. This is a long standing problem and many gamers have spoken out to change. Therefore, IceFrog removed the power rune for the first 2 minutes. But even with that change, the 4 minute power rune can still completely change the game layout, especially if it’s Double Damage or Arcane – they can give the hero full lane control and then snowball.

With Water Runes spawning in locations at 2 and 4 minutes, we are now more motivated to start the game with the bottle because the chances of a player winning one of the two Water Runes at 2 and 4 minutes are very high.

2. Talent after level 25

Level 30 no longer adds all remaining talents. Instead, level 27/28/29/30 will add the talent of the remaining level 10/15/20/25.

This adjustment in Dota 2 update 7.29 helps to increase the hero’s strength little by little from level 25 to level 30 instead of being suddenly strong at level 30. However, the amount of XP needed to level up to the next level after level 25 is also higher. much more than before. This change is actually more beneficial for players to take advantage of each level obtained at level 25 and up.

3. Outpost

Outpost no longer grants XP at 10/20/30…

Outpost now adds XPM when controlling (XP=2*minutes). XP does not add when controlling both outposts, similar to current rules.

Outpost experience is now increased more evenly in Dota 2’s 7.29 update, instead of one XP every 10 minutes. The former pattern favors teams that take the lead first, as they break turret 2 and capture the Outpost at key timelines. With the new model, the team that loses the Outpost doesn’t need to worry too much and the team that takes the Outpost has to exert more control effort to deny the experience the opponent gets per minute. The decision to fight at the Outpost or other map objectives may change in this 7.29.

Dota 2 Phan tich thay doi gameplay update 7.29 - Emergenceingame

4. Bounty Rune

Bounty Rune after the first set is 10% off.

Bounty Runes no longer spawn in rivers. Runes now add up automatically over time via GPM.

Bounty Runes now spawn every 3 minutes in jungle locations (total runes reduced from 4 to 2).

The old Bounty Rune no longer disappears when the new one appears. New runes appear next to old ones if not already picked up.

At the 0th minute, Bounty Runes appear in the forest and at the location of power runes (total 4 games).

Changing the Bounty Rune will have a big impact on the game. The first is a more balanced game: two bounty runes are removed from the game and gold is adjusted as GPM. Both teams will benefit from it, not just the team that controls the map and wins the Bounty Rune better.

With a Bounty Rune spawning every 3 minutes, the team will have to adjust their playstyle and make sure they’re in the right position every 3 minutes if they want to take advantage of the Bounty Rune.

Given the presence of the extra 0th minute Bounty Rune at the Power Rune slot, we’re sure to see more encounters happen before the game actually kicks off.

5. Roshan

Aghanim’s Scepter: Roshan drops Aghanim’s Blessing now requires you to activate it to use it (no effect until cast)

Aghanim’s Shard: Now drops on Roshan’s 2 kill and only drops once (same trigger as Roshan’s Scepter drop).

Prior to patch 7.29, Aghanim’s Blessing dropped by Roshan was used by the hero who picked it up first (unless it landed in a bag pack). This is not good, especially in the fire pan teamfight in the Roshan pit – every hero will pick up whatever they can see and the team can’t decide which hero should have Aghanim’s Blessing. with this change all that problem is solved.

The second Roshan to drop Aghanim’s Shard will be more important and more contested. It’s a free 1400 gold item, who wouldn’t want it! There’s definitely going to be at least one hero on the team that can make good use of Aghanim’s Shard, especially support – farmers aren’t the focus.

6. Teleportation Scroll

Hero now starts the game with 1 TP Scroll instead of 3.

Hero now gains 1 TP Scroll upon death.

TP Scroll price increased from 90 to 100

Support will surely be delighted with this change. Because supports often die more than cores and spend 90 gold per death (now 100 gold) to buy TP is really annoying, especially when you are support 5. With this change in update 7.29 of Dota 2, it will make things a little easier to breathe (though not everyone wants to breathe this way). However, the team that dies less will have to spend more gold to buy TP scrolls.

7. Hoodwink added to Captain’s Mode

Hoodwink added in Captain’s Mode.

Season 2 of the DPC League will begin on April 13 and Hoodwink will appear in Catain’s Mode, along with Aghanim’s Scepter as well as a new Shard for the hero. Let’s wait and see how professional teams will promote Hoodwink in Dota 2 patch 7.29.

9. Teleportation to turrets

Increased tower teleporation range from 575 to 800 (affects both TP Scroll and Boots of Travel).

Outport teleport time reduced from 6 to 5 seconds.

The extra 225 range will help a lot for turret teleport heroes, giving them more space to fend off turret pushers. In the mid lane, with heroes teleporting to turret 2 to defend tier 1, teleporting will be 225 units closer to tier 1 turrets, which equates to 0.5 seconds of movement at 450 and 0.66 seconds of movement at 340. It sounds like This is a very small amount of time, but it can make the difference between a perfect Blackhole or a one-man Blackhole.

Dota 2 Phan tich thay doi gameplay update 7.29 1 - Emergenceingame
Tele to tower in Dota 2 update 7.29 is now safer

10. Teammate’s debuff ability

Ward can now be denied while the ward is full of health by any ally if the ward is planted in a neutral creep spawn area.

Meeting a teammate who broke the game when he decided to block his jungle camp with sentry? You do not worry! This change in Dota 2 update 7.29 also gives players the opportunity to correct mistakes if they place wards and accidentally block the campground – something that sometimes happens in teamfight when players hastily put down sentry to catch Riki.

11. Buyback

Buyback cost reduced from (200 + (Net Worth/12)) to (200 + Net Worth /13)).

The Buyback formula in Dota 2 7.29 is a bit cheaper. This change isn’t too dramatic for a hero with 30,000 net worth – now requires 192 less gold than before (2508 instead of 2700). However, in Dota 2, every little thing can make the difference between winning and losing.

Dota 2 Phan tich thay doi gameplay update 7.29 2 - Emergenceingame

Dota 2 patch 7.29 has a lot of new changes and people are still learning their impact. But with DPC League Season 2 just around the corner, we’ll soon feel their effects more pronounced.

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