CSGO: Good gamers are the ones who inspect items the most

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Professional CSGO players often ‘inspect’ their weapons mid-game. Statistics show that this happens not only to professional players, but also to good CSGO players.

Weapon Inpsect is common in CSGO. It allows players to show off their skins or admire the weapons they are holding. However, recent statistics show that inspecting weapons has a strong relationship with a player’s rank. According to, low-ranked players don’t usually use the inspect key as much as pro players and Global Elite.

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The ratio between these two data is not as random as many people think. The frequency of inspecting items increases with rank until it peaks at rank DMG (Distinguished Master Guardian). To explain this, low ranked players may not know the inspect key on their weapons or don’t have skins worth showing off. As for why the peak in DMG rank is still a big question mark. Maybe the DMG is where the most skins are owned, or maybe the game slows down at high ranks, allowing you time to sit back and inspect.

Another factor lies in the movement habits of high-level gamers in CSGO. Specifically, AWPers often quickly switch to expensive knives after firing to retreat faster. During that time, they conveniently inspect their expensive knife.

Showing off expensive skins is pretty obvious, but some choose to keybind adding another command to the inspect key. For example, the command to remove blood and bullet marks is “r_cleardecals” which is often bound by many users with the inspect key.

Instructions to bind multiple commands to one key in CSGO

There are a lot of things you have to do in CSGO, and sometimes it distracts us. To fix it, players can put multiple commands on one key in CSGO by adding a semicolon “;”. For example, if you want to inspect and remove the decal with the same key, you can combine the two commands as follows:

Bind “F”+lookatweapon; r_cleardecals”

You can add more commands by adding the next semicolon.

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