Dota 2: Secret leaves the game TI8

secretti - Emergenceingame

Team Liquid won Secret 2-0 convincingly and sent their regional rival home.

In today’s competition day of The International 9, only 5 teams continue their journey. What really makes candidates shine is their ability to withstand pressure, execute flawlessly, and make no mistakes.

Liquid and Secret face off against each other to determine which team meets these criteria. And when the game was over, the TI7 champion stood up proudly.

Game 1

Game 1 Liquid Secret - Emergenceingame

Liquid entered the series with Broodmother’s first pick. Secret decided to be more greedy with Alchemist. The TI7 champion started the match strong, but couldn’t keep up the pressure as expected. With foresight, and a perfect execution from Secret in the 27th minute, the team completely wiped Liquid as well as the advantage they had before. Winning Roshan gives Secret an edge and stabilizes the team’s ability to control the map. Unfortunately, this gap was short-lived, as Liquid was not under pressure and soon regained control from great individual tackles and then the whole team.

The ability to control Chen from captain Puppey to create a lightning combo with Storm was strange, but unfortunately did not make a breakthrough. Liquid tightened the match and ended the game in the 51st minute.

Game 2

Game 2 Secret Liquid - Emergenceingame

Once again, Liquid picked Broodmother, as well as getting their own Invoker hero for Miracle-. When stepping out of the competition room, Coach Secret confidently said that they were not too worried about the lineup and deliberately chose Monkey King to counter. However, PSD.LGD had previously banned Broodmother twice against Liquid and they had a reason to do so. Unfortunately, Secret did not realize that. Liquid’s way of playing completely snuffed Secret at the beginning of the game and they continued to dominate until the end of the game.

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