Dota 2: List of 12 teams qualified for TI10 announced

TI10 Dota 2 Stockholm Sweden - Emergenceingame

The list of 12 Dota 2 teams that received invitations to TI10 has been completed.

The WePlay AniMajor isn’t over yet, but 12 slots have been awarded to teams based on their DPC scores.

Before that, Nigma lost the opportunity to go deeper at WePlay AniMajor when Evil Geniuses eliminated with a score of 2-0. This not only ends the WePlay journey, but also destroys the chances of getting an invite to TI10. This defeat cost Nigma the number of points needed to make it to the top 12 of TI10. Nigma will now have to fight OG, Team Liquid, Tundra and possibly dark horses like, Brame for the final TI10 spot in Europe.

Meanwhile, Nigma’s defeat brought glory to another team. With Nigma not getting enough points, Thunder Predator became the 12th team to receive an invitation to TI10. This means South America will have up to FATHER team at The International this year.

But the real winner in DPC 2021 Season 2 is China. This area will have up to FIVE team competing at TI10.

Teams that win invitations to TI10

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1e2bf6bc681da6ca48f10c480d11c1ba741ff7532a54c7025f0a16c766 - Emergenceingame PSG.LGD
0b6d2f312d03240ff4d4d061c6ed8bbac5a54de45b174f2429db482656 - Emergenceingame
c93918b93eea777863b6681c14ebeb08bf8785fa3752f473e885bdbaa2 - Emergenceingame Quincy Crew
f59af9e4c8464e976e5f49372af83b277abfc34cc5e671bba5bb30082b - Emergenceingame Invictus Gaming
fc774d28b1f6306f42a25f4f24bf59acdb172234ea2fa7156fcdb6ebc3 - Emergenceingame T1
dfffcc0e88250f91c787363648812207e276e348349c7fa524f9d72ad3 - Emergenceingame Vici Gaming
ce4bea2015148417054aa05620995d71ae36b51f41d300f1273539368b - Emergenceingame Team Secret
39dbd744b872b3a8b37681d572de3ff306710cd1fbabee68d0379c4ae3 - Emergenceingame Team Aster
a4c7d2dd73cf203a35e346ccb468d8808003631c6670e01595618d9b79 - Emergenceingame Alliance
d850cf8430d3e8dcce233b76eae62809e549aa34d11b2d75c17977220a - Emergenceingame beastcoast
e1f324ca67f30190f7bdc6987eeb5646e96126c29a61b6adb1adc8844a - Emergenceingame Thunder Predator

Closed Qualifier TI10

Six slots will be divided among the regional qualifiers. Each region will have one ticket to TI10:

  • CIS and South America: June 23 to June 26
  • North America and Southeast Asia: June 30 to July 3
  • China and Europe: 07/07 to 10/07

The International 10

The International 10 will take place in Stockholm, Sweden from August 5 to 15, with a total prize pool of $40,019,195 USD. The TI10 group stage will start from August 5 to 8, while the playoffs will kick off on the 10th of the same month. At the moment, we have no official information on whether TI10 will have a live audience at the event.

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