Top 5 most popular crosshairs of CSGO gamers

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Crosshair has a big impact on your gunfight in CSGO. Statistics show that most gamers choose a fixed crosshair in CSGO whether high or low rank.

Crosshair is important in every shooter. The type of crosshair you choose may depend on your own playing style, but most CSGO gamers generally have some general tendencies. According to statistics from DatHost, the CSGO classic crosshair should be static (unchanged when fired), medium in size and its color should be visible in every map.

A lot of CSGO players have very weird crosshairs like just a small dot, for example, Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev and Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom, for example, or a giant crosshair that takes up the entire screen. However, below are the top 5 most commonly used crosshairs by CSGO gamers.

Top 5 crosshair pho bien nhat cua cac game thu CSGO - Emergenceingame

Data from DatHost shows that most CSGO gamers use crosshair style 4 without the middle dot. This classic static crosshair stays the same when shooting and moving, different from styles 2, 3 and 5. Most CSGO players create their own crosshair based on style 4, as it provides more stability. Size also affects aim ability, and the most used crosshairs are medium sized. The green color combined with size 2 will make the crosshair visible on most maps.

The third Crosshair is quite similar to Denis “eletronic” Sharipov of the Natus Vincere team. This small crosshair is ideal for those who think the dot in the middle is inaccurate and the regular one is too big. Blue is also a great choice since the map doesn’t match this bright color.

A lot of gamers like the default crosshair style 4, large size, but the mind is not changed when shooting. It can be difficult to practice on maps like Nuke, where small corners can be hidden from long crosshairs. Ranked 5th is pink with size two, whose “gap 0” is also commonly used by players.

How to set up the best CSGO crosshair

Below are the most common crosshair parameters of casual and pro players. You can temporarily use this crosshair while learning the game as well as finding your own favorite crosshair:

Turn on the CSGO console (the ~ sign), copy the commands below and press Enter:

  • cl_crosshairstyle 4
  • cl_crosshaircolor 1
  • cl_crosshairsize 2
  • cl_crosshairthickness 1
  • cl_crosshairgap -2
  • cl_crosshairdot 0
  • cl_crosshairalpha 255
  • cl_crosshair_drawoutline

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