Dota 2: How to play Collapse Magnus

Collapse Magnus Dota 2 - Emergenceingame

Here’s a tutorial by xuisoko on Reddit:

You can watch xuisoko’s video to understand Collapse’s Magnus gameplay or read the detailed instructions below:

1. Lane and starter item

Collapse always starts the game with Salve, Tango, Quelling Blade, 2 Gauntlet of Strength and 2 Branch.

He rarely upgrades the Gauntlet of Strength to the Soul Ring. Collapse always gains a Ring of Regen and upgrades to Headdress first to shoes.

Lane phase: Before level 4-5, don’t die (not too difficult, because at level 2 you have 900hp…)

  • When you get to level 4 or 5, with the main lifting point for Empower, use it to push the wave, continuously push the wave towards the enemy turret, and farm both small and large camps.
  • Empower costs very little mana so you can freely push the lane and force the enemy carry to farm more. This makes Magnus very strong, because you are completely safe while farming.
  • If the carry jumps on you, he will miss the creeps. That’s why you are safe.
  • Repeat until you reach level 6. When you reach level 6, call your teammates to push the turret together.

2. Skill build

If you can’t trade hits in lane and need to focus on last hits and deny, raise EMPOWER first.

If you can trade hit, can kill or threaten the enemy, then go to Shockwave first and Skewer level 2. Otherwise, depending on the situation you can choose one of two skills if you go to W first. In the difficult lane, you go to Skewer, and the easy lane is Shockwave.

Always raise Empower to maximum first. Then give 1 Skewer and max out Shockwave (This may vary from game to game, but always max Shockwave and take 1 Skewer).

3. Item build

After getting Headdress, Wand, Collapse straight up Arcane Boots in all games. After that, he decided whether he needed to build an item like Mek, Hotd or had to go to Blink right away.

If the team has other heroes to initiate combat like Faceless Void, Ember Spirit in pos 1 and 2, there’s no need to rush to Blink, but go to Mek first.

If you have Terrorblade carry and Kunkka mid for example, then Collapse to Blink first.

Next, after the next item (most likely Forcestaff), you will go to the Shard.

4. Gameplay after breaking Tier 1 turrets

After reaching level 6 and destroying the turret, you do not TP down to the safelane to stay unless your teammates want to protect together and a fight is about to break out.

With most offlaners, after the enemy Tier 1 turret in your lane is destroyed, you will move down to the safelane, but not for Magnus.

Those of you who have read my Offlane Guide know that heroes like Beastmaster, Venomancer, and Chen, when playing in the offlane, take over the enemy jungle. Magnus is also in this group.

Dota 2 Huong dan choi Collapse Magnus 1 - Emergenceingame
Farm direction when playing Offlane Magnus on Dire

When playing offlane on Dire and pushing Tier 1 turrets, you want to farm in the direction shown above, switching back and forth between bot and mid. Carry the team should farm in the triangle and mid area, while you continuously buff Empower.

The team’s supports should be at the top and suck to level 6. When support level 6, hit mid and take the tower.

Below is the direction to play on the Radiant side:

Dota 2 Huong dan choi Collapse Magnus 2 - Emergenceingame
When playing Magnus offlane on Radiant, the direction to farm is as follows and towards mid to gank

Also in the video I talk about:

  • Teamfight
  • How to RP effectively
  • How to play around vision
  • Prime highground
  • Goals to prioritize

You can support xuisoko by subscribing to his YouTube channel or following him on Reddit. You can read more of his tutorials below:

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