Dota 2: Grimstroke and Warlock? New duo should try in the game

Dota 2: Grimstroke and Warlock?  New duo should try in the game
Warlock 2 - Emergenceingame

Since Grimstroke’s release, players have started experimenting with interesting combos with the hero’s ultimate Souldbind. At first, many focused on combos that deal double damage, nuke/disable moves that focus on one target, others find AoE moves and spin jumps also reap great results.

In fact, some combos are so successful that these heroes have to be nerfed. The best example is Lich, with Chain Frost reducing its bonus damage by 50 at level 1: this move isn’t too powerful, but it can deal incredible amounts of damage early game when combined with Souldbound.

Now, we’re going to move on to another combo worth checking out: Grimstroke and Warlock, Similar to Chain Forst, Fatal Bonds is also a bouncing move and while its effects aren’t immediately apparent, The article believes that if you know how to play, enter the right game, it can make you open your mouth.


Warlock finally has its place: the meta becomes slower, the laning phase is no longer bloody. Grimstroke has some nerfs, but they don’t target the hero’s ultimate.

Warlock - Emergenceingame

Another reason is because the buffalo blood squad has become quite popular. Lifestealer, Ursa, Monkey King, Tiny, Kunkka, Chaos Knight and Sven are all stable when playing at core.

These formations and cores require “a lot of collision”: They need to stay close to the opponent to deal damage, instead of running around in team fights like other long-armed carries. The worst thing with Warlock is that you can Fatal Bonds at least two or three objects.


The idea is quite simple: Exponential damage moves, if another multiplier effect is applied, the amount of DPS damage will increase significantly. Warlock with a level 10 talent and maxing Fatal Bonds will increase the team’s damage dealt to targets by 30%, if you only hit 2 targets. In theory, this number could increase to 150%, if Fatal Bonds hit all 6 targets.

Grimstroke doubles this effect, so the damage can theoretically increase to a maximum of 300%. Therefore, if you focus on heroes with Fatal Bonds, you might be able to kill a hero or two. But in fact, Fatal Bonds usually only hit three targets with double Fatal Bonds, also increasing 120% bonus damage.

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Ideally, you want some AoE effect, to stick all three objects, be it Cleave or Multi-Shot, AoE Nuke for example. Queen of Pain using her level 2 ultimate on three Fatal Bonds will deal 900 Pure damage to each hero, instead of just 410. Meanwhile, Luna, Gyrocopter, and Medusa will have no trouble hitting them all. three targets at once, making teamfight pretty easy.

But even if you don’t have a strong AoE, this combo is still great. In a situation where Dragon Knight or Sven jumps first, using Fatal Bonds will give you a chance to hit enemies behind without having to approach: Fatal Bonds can turn anything into AoE.


Dispel using Manta Style, Spell Immunity or hero moves will ruin the whole plan: timing combos after BKB has run out is sometimes difficult and requires you to play very carefully: sometimes you have to use them. cast an ability, even if you don’t want to, if you’re captured first, or die with no effect in that round.

Interestingly, many people don’t realize Grimstroke’s Souldbind helps identify the real hero in his shadow. We don’t really need Souldbind after Fatal Bonds have used it, so Souldbind can be a good strategy against shadow heroes: just cast Soulbind on a random target and it will bind the hero on its own. real again.

Throwing Fatal Bonds immediately afterwards, you’ll have more targets to deal massive AoE damage: full damage is spread, whatever the initial HP of the targets. For example, if you nuke a ball with 1 health hit by Fatal Bond with 500 damage nuke, it will still deal 300 damage to other targets.

Confronting Spell Immunity is actually more difficult: Warlock has a one-second BKB penetration, but that’s not enough. In general, you want your cores to be strong enough to survive the early stages of a team fight and then rematch. While the carry tries to survive, lure the opponent to use BKB with Upheaval or Ink Swell and then patiently wait for the BKB to run out, tossing Golems at the most appropriate time.

Damage is usually not an issue here, especially in a chaotic pub environment, where players often cluster: so make sure your core is buff or tough enough to survive, then Fatal Bonds + Souldbind will do the rest.

Finally, do not arbitrarily appear on the map unnecessarily after the mid-game. Don’t make yourself the first to die. Always do support in all games for the core to work, and you support from the back.

Try this combo and see if it works!

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