Minecraft develops free content for gamers to learn at home

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Many schools around the world are closed due to the epidemic, but students are still looking for other ways to receive more knowledge without leaving home, one of which is through Minecraft. It is known that Minecraft has now updated with new educational content, available on Minecraft Marketplace to serve students during this epidemic season.​


Yesterday Phil Spencer – representative of Xbox share with Minecraft community:

With this new educational content, players can explore the international space station thanks to a partnership with NASA, learn to code, visit famous landmarks of Washington DC, find and build structures. 3D, learn everything like a biologist… All of this content and more will be available until June 30th.​


Spencer also adds:

Surely this is a very useful program for students, during their stay at home, they can absorb more knowledge from new fields without wasting time. If it also helps to enrich the player’s time at home, it is not just about eating, sleeping, playing.​

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