CSGO: Panorama officially launched

Valve has updated the new CS:GO version, which means that the Panorama interface will be out of beta in the past few weeks.

You’ll now need to sign up for the Beta again if you want to use the Panorama skin, but you’ll need to add “-panorama” to the CS:GO launch options to play the game with the new skin.

Panorama - Emergenceingame

In addition, Valve also added a few minor changes and fixed the game’s new interface, such as adding a background to the money, which now displays the same information as below.

Here’s the full info on this update:


Players can use the Panorama interface on Windows and play with friends with the -panorama command in CS: GO launch options.


  • The money display HUD now has a background like health and ammo bars and can be controlled with the cl_hub_background_alpha command.
  • Fix chat lines in HUD that are uneven at certain resolutions
  • Updated crosshair styles 0 and 1, looks more like an adjustment.
  • Crosshair styles 0 and 1 in Panorama no longer change when changing the resolution.
  • Added buttons to the scoreboard to allow players to turn on the caster feature.
  • Team logos will now work with a png extension and can be placed in the new squad folder or the old (flash) folder.
  • Fixed ADR (Average Damage per Round, average damage per round) not counting damage aimed at allies.
  • Fixed Overwatch suspect not being highlighted (clarified) in scoreboard.


  • Added download status bar to the list of matches.
  • Allows viewing the demo for exactly a certain round.



  • Adjusted impact for players in the wall area of ​​the bench in bombsite B.


  • Fixed multiple stuck bomb locations.


  • Updated map radar image (BSP) to the new version.


  • Increase brightness and adjust vignetting for on-screen standby images
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