Does having a good mind affect CSGO rank?


Have you ever wondered how many people have the same CSGO rank as you? Website Leetify analyzed more than 7 million players to find out the percentage distribution of ranks in CSGO.

Gold Nova 4 is at the top and accounts for almost 9% of the total players. Meanwhile, the total of Gold Nova ranks accounts for nearly a third, which is also the class with the largest number of players. Rank Silver and Master Guardian account for 27.42% and 27.57%, respectively. Top rank CSGO, Global Eelite, just a little over 1%. In Silver 2 and Legendary Eagle Master, these two ranks are surprisingly high indicating that there can be a clear ELO barrier to reaching Silver 3 and Supreme Master First Class.

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The effect of crosshair mindfulness

Leetify also shows the effect of crosshair centering, a basic skill required in CSGO. New players are often instructed to center the center of the character’s head. The Leetify team analyzed the centering of the ranks as follows:

Co bao nhieu nguoi cung rank CSGO voi ban 1 - Emergenceingame

The purple line representing the distance between the crosshair and the enemy suddenly appeared on the screen. The pink line represents the player’s reaction time when he sees an opponent. These two stats are proportional to each other and the player’s rank, from 14 degrees down to 10 degrees. The average time to deal damage dropped by almost 200 milliseconds, almost one-fifth of a second. In other words, the top gamers react much faster thanks to better focus.

Finally, Leetify compares headshot and spray accuracy across ranks. These two numbers increase at each rank, but the headshot is much higher than the spray. The difference between SMFC and Global Elite is most pronounced, jumping from 19% to 22%. Headshot accuracy also nearly doubled from the lowest CSGO rank to the highest one.

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Leetify is an online training platform for CSGO. The website tracks statistics and gives exercises from CSGO veterans with many years of experience.

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